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The Mixer Series DYX5250Main Technical Parameters
Announcement ModelDYX5250GJB38WPD3BDYX5250GJB41WPD3B
Chassis TypeCGC3250PA38WPD3B 
CabEuropean luxury cab assembly(low-roof, single bunk),air conditioner, skylight , steering wheel adjustment (four directions)
Engine TypeWeichai WP10.336 / WP10.300 high pressure common rail diesel engine(336/300ps)
Clutch430 diaphragm spring clutch
GearboxFast RT11509C(9 gears)
Front AxleSTR 7.5T front axle
Rear AxleHande 13T /16T double reduction steel rear axle(ratio:4.8/5.73)
Emission StandardsEuro III
Overall Dimensions(mm)9020x2490x3900  9480x2490x3900
Wheelbase(mm)3800+1350  4100+1350
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg)25000
Rated Load(kg)13050
Max. Speed(km/h)80
Front Overhang/Rear Overhang(mm)1430/18001430/2600

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Q:How do I get rid of the cement spots on the paint?
You can use the hairdryer to heat the cement, and the temperature difference between the cement and the plastic can fall off automatically.
Q:How can the cement mixer clean the tank?
The mixing tank is equipped with water tank. After discharging the material every time, the water should be put into the tank. When it is returned, it will be agitated and discharged to the mixing station
Q:How to clean the cement dust on the surface of automobile
I can responsibly tell you: with white vinegar! My car last month due to the upstairs decoration, all covered with cement, cement has been found when dry, car becomes a leopard, almost mad people. Car beauty shop has said to paint the whole body, say, with special cement cleaning agent, and then polished, but the price is not expensive. The friend suggested white vinegar, so I use a small gel bottles in white vinegar, a cement a cement spray, and then washed with water, a busy three afternoon, with five bottles of white vinegar, eventually cleared cement. Cement is alkaline, the natural need to use acid to fuse it, other acids are very corrosive, and white vinegar is the best, but also very easy to buy. Have patience, friends, spray vinegar, and so on for a few minutes, and then spray water, repeated many times, until the cement disappeared, do not strong buckle strong rub. I say is a cheap but laborious solution, if you care for your car paint, hope you still do it yourself wash with vinegar, and the money never mind, because the beauty salon cement cleaning agent is highly corrosive, and paint is more polished and thinner, who all know.
Q:How can cement be removed from the cement trucks?
1, if the first method is difficult, the following methods must be adopted to immediately remove the commercial concrete.2, in between the roller and raceway into wood, in order to control the mixing drum rotation must be Caution!; the engine flameout, remove a high pressure oil pipe loose hydraulic motor, stirring cylinder can rotate freely, control of mixing drum rotation, make the maintenance hole to lower part, and then open the maintenance holes, clean out the goods concrete cylinder. At this point, we must pay attention to safety, after the completion of the commodity concrete, the restoration of concrete, concrete mixing truck, the original state.
Q:Can bulk cement trucks be packed directly?
Are you asking the bulk of the concrete truck to unload the cement can be directly packaged, or bulk cans of cement unloading cement when you can directly package it? If it is the former, it is possible, and if the latter can not, absolutely not, because the cement tanker unloading cement, the export pressure is very large, very dangerous.
Q:The working principle of cement watering car?
Also should be called the concrete pump truck arm concrete pump car, the definition of type: concrete pump and hydraulic folding arm are mounted on the vehicle or trailer chassis, and the laying of pipelines along the arm, finally through the concrete output end hose machine. As the boom has variable amplitude, folding and slewing function, can be within the framework of the arm can be within the cloth.
Q:Price of cement watering car
Cement pump car about 50 meters, the price is about 150-250The cost of truck mounted pumps is about 300000The price of towing pump without car is 270 thousand
Q:Cement cleaning in the car, how to clean the most clean?
Buy some hydrochloric acid, add water and pour it over the solidified cement, and wipe it with a cloth! If the cement is difficult to remove, it can be diluted without hydrochloric acid!
Q:Start with the cement mixer
The usual cleaning and maintenance is often directly affect the service life of concrete truck, you bought a new car from the first day to use range maintenance, maintenance of many good mixing station we use Shanghai Huajian brand mixer, with a more than 10 years will not be a big problem. Second hand cars, unless they are good imported chassis, domestic chassis, you do not consider.
Q:Ash handling procedure for ash tank of bulk cement truck
1, before loading, shall check and remove the tank and discharging pipe fouling and slagging etc.; the pipes, valves should be flexible and open and close without blockage, leakage and other phenomena; the connecting parts should be stable and reliable, can be loaded.2. Before opening the charging port, the exhaust valve shall be opened to eliminate the residual pressure in the tank.3. When charging, the material level switch in the material tank shall be opened. When the material level device sends out a full sound signal, the charging shall be stopped immediately.4, after charging, charging port should be piled up on the edge of the cement clean, cover the feed cover, and the bolt lock.5, before unloading, the vehicle should be parked in the flat unloading area, install discharge tube, close the discharge pipe valve and a pressure relief pipe valve, open the two wind pipe and connected to compressed air, ensure the air compressor in the case of no load start.

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