Customized Electric Vertical Blind Shade Home Automation Vertical Shutter

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Product Description:

We are professional manufacturer of zebra blinds, window curtain, custom window shades, roller blinds parts, waterproof roller blinds.

Customized Electric Vertical Blind Shade Home Automation Vertical Shutter

Customized Electric Vertical Blind Shade Home Automation Vertical Shutter

Customized Electric Vertical Blind Shade Home Automation Vertical Shutter

Customized Electric Vertical Blind Shade Home Automation Vertical Shutter

Features of Vertical Blind

1. Aluminium top tube for durability

2. Eco-friendly

3. Sun-shade

4. Opaque


Advantages of our company

1. Factory directly sale.

2. As your need, curtains/blinds could be customized.

3. For the operation could be manual or motorized.

4. Various blinds and curtains, One-stop shopping and transportation.



Loading quantity for example :

Roller blinds :

1pcs into a PVC box, then 4pcs into paper carton box. Then into containers.



23000 PCS/40HC

Production Period

Normally we could finish 40HC within 30 days.

We have at least 20 advanced production line and often export 20-30x20FCL containers per month


Motorized Window Roller Blind Rolling Shade for Home Use


Motorized Window Roller Blind Rolling Shade for Home Use

 Motorized Window Roller Blind Rolling Shade for Home Use

Motorized Window Roller Blind Rolling Shade for Home Use


Q: Can I see sample first?

    A: Yes, of course. Tell us your sample size and requirements and samples can be finished in 3 days.

Q: How can I send our own design to sample trial?

    A: We accept any sample trial when you send us your own sample free. 

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Q:Is the window of the restaurant covered with curtains or blinds?
Use louvers or aluminum alloy. The use of curtains, then grease problems such as bad handling.
Q:Home decoration did not do the curtain box, how to install curtains, there is a remedy?
Resulting in curtains in the dark and humid place to produce the smell of the reasons, mainly poor ventilation, resulting in moisture condensation, after a long time to produce musty and other odor. It is recommended to pay attention to window ventilation sooner or later, when the weather is good to extend the window ventilation time. Regular cleaning curtains, sun dry and then hang, in case of Huangmei days can be dried and then hanging. Home plants if it is hydroponics, volatile water will be larger, it is recommended to move to the balcony, etc., to avoid moisture condensation. Home, such as smoking, smoking and timely ventilation and odor, but also to avoid the smell of condensation.
Q:To decorate the house, do not know the two small times lying, the window is good with a blind or good curtains?
Refers to the front and back of the curtains, usually positive toward the room, the opposite facing the outside.
Q:Hollow blinds do not use curtains, in fact, this is the case
Highly sound insulation: hollow glass can reduce the noise 27 to 40 dB, 80 dB outside the traffic noise to the room, it is only 50 dB Elimination of frost: indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, single glass will frost Insulating glass is due to the indoor air contact with the inner glass by the air barrier, even if the outer contact is very low, it will not be due to temperature difference in the glass surface condensation Hollow glass dew point up to -70 ℃ (without tape-type insulating glass) to increase the strength of wind pressure: curtain wall is mainly subjected to wind load, wind pressure to become the main indicators of the curtain wall Insulating glass of the anti-wind pressure is 15 times the glass of glass is not easy to blew: hollow glass production method for the bonding method, for the cold processing, the original glass sheet does not change the stress, surrounded by elastic material seal, glass is not easy to blew Coated glass film layer will not fall off: coated glass metal film surface can not be long exposed to the air, and coated with insulating glass metal film surface in the dry sealed air never fall off Glass the original film will not burst: In the air-conditioned room, the summer side of the glass outside the direct sunlight, gathered heat, glass inside and outside the temperature difference, when the temperature difference is too large, the glass will burst Insulating glass in the presence of this phenomenon Hollow glass Scope: High-end buildings of the doors and windows, ceiling, need to sound insulation schools, hospitals, sports venues, television, radio and other venues, but also used in refrigeration appliances, aircraft, ships, locomotives and other fields
Q:My friend has a house, a loft, a window on the slopes, a window frame above the top, and what curtains are there? More
As far as I know, the type of curtains are shutter curtains bamboo curtains vertical curtains blinds wide leaflets push curtains curtains. The The The , So many of the kind of name of course there are many, would like to know the details of the point can be curtains curtains look
Q:The room is relatively large, there are about 18 flat bedroom, 3 grove store short plate chop chant demons * 6 probably this ratio, there are two windows, are 1.5M * 1.5M, the middle of 1.5M interval, Do not know what kind of curtains to choose, want to use the blinds, but the feeling is because the bedroom, not warm, what kind of appropriate it is landing or short curtains, we help the staff, it is a headache ah. The The Question added: the two windows are on the same wall, do the curtain, then cover the whole wall, so can not look good Ruthless side of a wall. The The More
10% -30% renovation fee! To decorate the house, do not know the two small times lying, the window is good or good with blinds? ◎ 4v windows do their own thin curtains, so slightly light, but can block the outside line of sight. This is very good in the spring and autumn season, ventilation and good-looking. Then the most inside, made a thick point of the whole curtain, You can always hang on both sides of the decoration to the summer or winter, the whole surface and the thick touch of tiger whip tube Zhuang Biao Biao Bo busy point of the curtains, pull up, to ensure that the indoor temperature from outside interference.
Q:How the windows of the feng shui of the windows, the windows of the feng shui taboo what
In order to ensure the health of the occupants, the windows must be damaged as soon as possible repair, because the windows are likely to cause damage to the eyes of residents living disease
Q:How to make free perforated shutter curtains double curtain soft curtain
The advantages of soft yarn blinds are: the use of double-layer fabric can adjust the light, no space
Q:Help how to use blinds curtains, let the curtains down, thank you!
Magnesium aluminum alloy blinds, pinhole aluminum alloy blinds, easy to clean, easy to change the moldy characteristics of the kitchen curtains to become a good choice; simple and relatively dirty roller shutter is also suitable for use in the kitchen; do not like the strong sense of modern Window ornaments, single like the traditional curtains, then it is recommended to choose the best easy to wash and can withstand the steam, grease contaminated fabric protection Ji Bing Kenhong bang Ge Qiu ink curtain
Q:We are the first floor of the small suite, is the marriage with the marriage room, the window is not large, the window is in the living room on the left side of the wall, the size of about 1 meter in the way, the right side of the window there is a window size of the white walls, TV on the opposite side of the window, do not know what to do Curtains look good, I want to do the Roman-style windows, the whole wall and the window often bloody juice with the treasure pet is full, but it seems a bit waste, And so the sofa can not rely on the window, and to keep some cracks, or put the curtains to pressure, do blinds or bamboo windows and feel bad, please give a proposal! More
I think it would be nice to have a new round of curtains, showing a little upscale.

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