Crawler Bulldozer Hot Sale Chinese SD13

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Crawler Bulldozer Hot Sale Chinese SD13

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD13


Type:Medium-sized Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Pull Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic - Mechanical Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:74~147kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000





Operating Weight(Not Including Ripper):137000kg

Bulldozer Blade (W*;H):Straight Tilt Blade 3185*1090 Angle Blade 3475*915


Engine Flywheel Power:95.5 Kw

Overall Dimensions(Lxwxh):4492*3185*2950 Mm


Engine Model:Shangchai Sc8d143G2b1

Max. Digging Depth (Mm):590mm


Dozing Capacity:Straight Tilt Blade 3.7 Angle Blade 3.4

Number of Carriers (Each Side):2


Number of Track Rollers (Each Side):6

Number of Track Shoes (Each Side):38


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE, SGS, Ghost, ISO 9001


Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:84291190


Production Capacity:2500 Unit/Month

Product Description

130HP Shantui Small Bulldozer SD13 with High Quality

1. Rated Power: 95.5kW@1900rpm
2. Ngine Model: CUMMINS 6CT8.3

1 The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction, contributing to precise operation; 
2 The power shift transmission not only ensures smooth power shift, but also reaches target speeds and carries out directional transfers with a single control lever; 
3 The wet steering clutch and brake can extend service life. They work interactively, ensuring quick and flexible steering operations; 
4 The single control lever can control all blade actions; 
5 The drift sealing in the drive wheel, track roller and carrier roller can prevent dust from entering the track system, as well as lubricant leakage, thereby ensuring a long service life; 
6 The hexahedron cab features wide visibility, and the insulation materials in the cab can reduce noise and vibrations; 
7 The spin type fuel filter and dust separator, the air filters and the other filtration devices can prolong work time and reduce service time; 
8 The comfortable cab seat can adjust upward and downward, forward and backward, meeting any positional needs the operator may have; 
9 Side engine operation and the combination of a drive/brake operation system and foot brake makes overall operation of the bulldozer more rapid and convenient.

Technical Parameters

L×W×H (Ripper not included)mm4492×3185×2950
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t13.7
Engine-Shangchai SC8D143G2B1
Rated powerkW/rpm95.5/1900
Blade type-Straight tilt blade Angle blade
Blade widthmmStraight tilt blade 3185×1090 Angle blade 3475×915
Dozing capacitym3Straight tilt blade 3.7 Angle blade 3.4
Ma× drop below ground of blademm590
Lift height of blademm930
Ripper type-Three-shank ripper
Ripping depth of rippermm467
Lifting height of rippermm559
Number of carriers (each side)-2
Number of track rollers (each side)-6
Number of track shoes (each side)-38
Width of track shoemm460
Track gaugemm1880
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa2365-0.063
Forward speedkm/h0-3.2
Reverse speedkm/h0-3.9

Crawler Bulldozer Hot Sale Chinese SD13

Crawler Bulldozer Hot Sale Chinese SD13

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Differentiate the function... P' = -4x So x = 0 So the existing max profit occurs where there is 0 bulldozer per month to have the max. profit!! Good luck!
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AMD has already said that the Bulldozer/FX chips will work on the AM3 platform in a gimped manor. So you won't get the full power out of your FX processor. Really, you can wait until June 20th? That gives you time to save a little more green and just buy a full-fleged AMD FX-8130p or FX-8110 and 990 series motherboard setup. Just remember that you will need RAM speeds of at least 1866mhz. I think I would wait.
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