Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

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Product Description:

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD6G


Operation Weight:16.2t

Engine Model:Turbocharged C6121 Diesel Engine


Rated Power:160HP

Standard Blade:Straight Tilt Blade


Ripper:Single/Three Shank Ripper




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package

Standard:ISO, CE


Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Production Capacity:80000PCS/Month

Product Description


Ø Manufactured according to Caterpillar D6D and D6G technology and improved new product. 60% parts interchangeable with Caterpillar bulldozer parts. 
Ø Operator comfort is provided by the two-way adjustable seat, single lever dozer control with adjustable lever and combined hand-lever steering and braking. 
Ø Turbocharged C6121 diesel engine with individual adjustment-free fuel pumps and valves. 
Ø Easy maintenance with two- piece master link, hydraulic track adjusters, steering clutches and brakes are removable as a unit. 
Ø Choice of air conditioned cab or open ROPS canopy
Choice of ripper

Main specifications
Operating weight16.2t
Ground pressure (at operating weight)54kpa
Track contact length 2990mm
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)5037×3297×3077mm (without ripper)
Grade abilityLatitude 30 °   Transverse 25°
Ground clearance  445*mm
Diesel Engine
ModelTurbocharged C6121 diesel engine
Type   Water-Cooled, single-row, vertical, 4-stroke-cycle
Rated speed 1900rpm
Flywheel power131kw/160HP
Start mode24V starter motor
Number of cylinders-bore*stroke6-121*152mm
Fuel systemDirect injection with individual adjust system free injection pumps and valve
Planetary power shift with high-torque-capacity oil clutched, special valve permits fast speed and direction changes. Three speeds forward, three reverse.
Single- stage torque converter with output torque divider combined smoothness with economy. Connected to transmission by double universal joint for removal. Oil-to-air and oil-to-water heat exchangers cool the torque converter oil.
GearForward  Speed( Km/h)Reverse     Speed(Km/h)
Steering & Brake
Reinforced, box-section construction. Out-mounted carrier rollers. Lifetime lubricated rollers and idlers. Adjustable, 2 positions idler.
Number of rollers (each side)7
Oscillation at front idler1
Final Drives
Crown-shaven, double-reduction final drives. Floating ring seals.Sprocket with bolt-on. Replaceable rim segments.

Number of shoes(each side)39
With of standard shoe560mm
Track gauge    1880mm
Hydraulic Controls
Four optional systems are available, complete system consists of pump, tank, filters , valves, linkage and control levers anticavitation valve is included with bulldozer controls. System available are as following:
One valve (internal) for bulldozer position: raise, hold, lower, float.
Two valves (both internal) for bulldozer and tilt cylinder tilt cylinder position: tilt lift, tilt right, hold
Two valves (one internal, one external) for bulldozer and ripper, ripper position: raise, lower, hold.
Three valve (two internal, one external) for bulldozer, tilt cylinder and ripper.
Service refill capacities
Fuel tank295 liters
Cooling system38 liters
Diesel engine crankcase27.4 liters
Transmission, bevel gear and steering clutch compartments98 liters
Final drives (each)18.9 liters
Specifications For Blades
Blade typeWidthHeightDigging Depth.Max Ground clearanceMax. Tilt

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

Crawler Bulldozer with Single Shank Ripper SD6g

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