CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

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Product Description:

1CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank Product Description:

High -temprature-resistant Flexitank is a flexitank with CMAX new heat-resistant material technology, is specially designed bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like liquid bitumen/asphalt; it is suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumen, liquid chemicals with high filling temperature.

2Features and Benefits:

uCompared with general-purpose flexitank, CMAX high-temprature-resistant  lexitank could withstand 60-90 filling temprature, high pressure resistant,strong and durable.

uLoad 30% more than with drums per 20ft container

uSave 50%+ package positioning cost than with drums per 20ft container

uThe inner bag could be melted into bitumen, no damage to bitumen quality, environment friendly and convenient for operation.


Suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumenchemicals with high filling temperature.

4Features and Benefits:

u More convenient, simple, and economical compared to the conventional tank packaging 

u Foldable with strong impermeability, no leakage, anticorrosive, and cleaning-cost saving

u Increase loading capacity, shorten transport time, and improve the efficiency of transport

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

CMAX High -temprature-resistant Flexitank

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Q:Is it possible to export container liquid bags (cooking oil) as dangerous goods?
Cooking oil belongs to the 3 dangerous goods, flammable liquid.
Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
The liquid bag is used to transport liquid goods more conveniently.Generally now import red wine, export soybean oil and other liquids.
Q:Do container liquids transport oil? What do you need to pay attention to?
With the technology, market and management advantages, strict control of each process from raw material purchase to product delivery, excellent product and service quality to win the majority of customers and enjoy a relatively high visibility and reputation in the industry
Q:What kind of general chemicals can be packed in container bags?
The liquid bag than conventional tank, can carry more goods than the original container can be installed more than 40%, then the number of containers needed can be reduced, and can save money (3) liquid bag can be installed inside the BULK HEAD, is a thermal insulation device, the high temperature it is 80 degree. This liquid, which has a temperature requirement, is very good. It can heat up these special liquids. This is a traditional pot can not do.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
The shipping company signed a contract with the Container Leasing Co can rent box, flexible rent box, according to the actual demand in the container box, rent box or the cost of transporting high lack of ports and regions, and returned to the leasing company in the press box will spare container. This will not only meet the needs of the box, but also saves the storage fee and empty container transportation fee. Shipping companies can also do "two rental boxes", that is, the rental of containers and then sublet. Some of them only temporarily sublet odd boxes, while others have developed large-scale rental schemes. The rental container company takes part in the empty space of the ship on a certain route, so that the Container liner Company can move the empty container more efficiently. The leasing company can also manage all the containers of the Container liner Company in a comprehensive way, which can reduce the cost for small Container liner Company.
Q:What about liquid bag container shipping?
BULKHEAD can be installed in the liquid bag, equal to an incubator, and its maximum temperature is 80 degrees. This liquid, which has a temperature requirement, is very good. It can heat up these special liquids. This is a traditional pot can not do.
Q:What kind of general chemicals can be packed in container bag?
Various types of fatLubricating oil, lubricating oil additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high oil fatty acid, oleic acid
Q:What reason is the container loaded?
There is stone goods, packing process, forklift drivers into the box, it is also easy to cause box wall drum
Q:Are container liquid bags expensive to produce? What machines are needed?
The general liquid bag is made of 4 layers of PE film through heat sealing, but the sealing equipment and technology have to pass the customs and meet the requirement of bearing.
Q:On the problem of unloading container liquid bags
When the liquid bag is packed, there must be some padding material at the bottom. There will be a layer of anti friction material on the lining material. You can try out these two layers.

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