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CMAX offers safe, efficient, cost-effective bulk liquid logistics transportation service with CMAX flexitank, which is the most reliable and safe flexitank solution available; lowering your risk, costs and environmental impact.


A CMAX flexitank transforms a standard 20’ ISO container into a non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation system. Designed specifically to ensure your bulk liquid cargo arrives safely and in optimum condition, CMAX flexitank incorporates the very latest barrier technology materials to protect your product from contamination during transit.


CMAX Flexitank System Features and Properties:


1.Food Grade Clean Flexitank 

u Made from 100% clear virgin polyethylene materials. Fully compliant with FDA and EU Regulatory Food Contact regulations. Contains no carbon black.


2.Safe and Reliable 

u Strengthen the inner bag with high-tensile purpose durable one-piece tubular polypropylene woven fabric that provides intensive protection to the liquid cargo loaded within the inner bag.

u Mechanical heavy steel constructed bulkhead system is designed for double protection to liquid cargo within the container, with which a container loaded with 24,000L liquid flexitank has been witnessed safely passed the COA Railway Impact Test done at AAR( TTCI). , in which the container received 2 times huge impacts at the running speed of 6mph. 

u CMAX flexitank system is fully COA compliant in accordance with the latest edition of the COA Flexitank Code of Practice. All impact testing g was witnessed, verified and certificated by Lloyds Register.



u The specially designed cam lock male valve with anti-suction pad allows efficient discharging without human labor with small volume cargo residue.


4.24-hour Global Service  

u Offer services including container preparation, flexitank fitting, cargo loading supervision, inland and maritime transportation, flexitank             discharging, disposal and recycling via global network covering 5 continentals, 80 main ports via CMAX offices and 36 agents around the globe. 

u 24-hour public service line offers instant communication and action upon request around the world. 



u All polyethylene, polypropylene, steel materials used are fully recyclable, all are environmental friendly.



u Compared to ISO Tank, no cleaning cost, no returning cost. 

u Load 30% more than with drums per 20ft container 

u Save 50%+ package positioning cost than with drums per 20ft container





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Q:Is it possible to export container liquid bags (cooking oil) as dangerous goods?
It's easy to leak a leak, as soon as a touch of Mars or flammable material catches fireSo plastic packing is recommended!
Q:How can rubber oil be removed from container liquid containers?
If the winter is too sticky, steam or steam the bottom of the load and pump it out
Q:What's the maximum capacity for container liquid bags? What sizes do you have? Can chemical goods be loaded? Is the risk index high?
Chemical products are usually loaded with special containers, because general chemicals are corrosive, and if the corrosive liquid bags overflow, the risk factor is higher.
Q:At present, container shipping companies mainly through which means to improve the efficiency of container empty container scheduling?
As for shipping companies, through the alliance and cooperation between shipping companies, the operation scale of shipping companies can be expanded, and container sharing can be realized. A variety of networks are established on major trade routes so that all shipping companies can carry out container change activities with each other, thereby allowing container shipping companies to move empty containers more efficiently.Because each company in each port or goods shipments and the box needs are constantly changing, some companies may be the place of other container backlog liner box needs a larger place, based on the planned deployment of each other can achieve win-win goal. The inter container cooperation between the various liner companies will increase the utilization ratio of container equipment, reduce the empty container allocation and reduce the container management costs. As COSCON actively with K Line, Yang Min and Hanjin introduced the cooperation of shipping companies, greatly reduce the cost of empty container reposition; at the same time also need to box area to other shipping companies. To solve the lack of box.
Q:What about liquid bag container shipping?
Compared to the traditional tank, the liquid bag can carry more goods and can load more than 40% of the original container, so the number of containers needed can be reduced, thus saving the capital.
Q:What kind of containers do you have for transporting petrochemical products?
Then fill the bag directly with liquid
Q:What kind of general chemicals can be packed in container bag?
Various types of fatLubricating oil, lubricating oil additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high oil fatty acid, oleic acid
Q:How is the container liquid bag unloading process carried out?
Ensure normal safety, can have a great effect platform. The fifth is unloading process, such as a lot of residue, can choose liquid bags, drag and other auxiliary action until the goods discharged. Make sure all container liquid bags are managed effectively and clean and convenient. Sixth is about the goods after unloading, closed valves, and valve cover, to avoid pollution. Ensure the safety management performance of the environment. Finally, close the container car and the right door. Carry out inspection and management of container liquid bags and give us a good environment for effective improvement.
Q:Are container liquid bags expensive to produce? What machines are needed?
The general liquid bag is made of 4 layers of PE film through heat sealing, but the sealing equipment and technology have to pass the customs and meet the requirement of bearing.
Q:How many tons can a large container hold in one container?
Usually around 20 tons, but because of the different ship companies, the requirements are also different.20 feet of cabinets: product is 5.90x2.34x2.38 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.40 feet of cabinets: product is 11.95x2.34x2.38 meters, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.The 40 foot high cabinets: product is 11.95x2.34x2.68 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters.

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