Changlin Brand 16ton Motor Grader 719H

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Features— Changlin Motor Grader 719H


A motor grader, also called a road grader, a blade, a maintainer, is an engineering vehicle or construction equipment(construction machinery) with a large front dozer used to create a flat surface.
Features of Motor Grader-719H:
1. Equipped with reliable ShangChai SC11CB195G2B1 engine or genuine Cummins engine
2. Sing-handle electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift T/M, 6 forward & 3 reverse shifts makes operation easy and convenient
3. Hydraulic lock, auto lock/unlock NO-SPIN differential ensures stability and powerful traction
4. Ideal axel load allocation provides excellent stability while cutting hard surface
5. Serviceable, efficient hydraulic system enables every part to be fully used
6. Box-typed frame and advanced T/M enable it to complete heavy-duty work
7. A wide working range is accomplished through flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame
Applications of Motor Grader-PY190:
Motor grader 719H is used to create flat surface in the airport or construction of paved road.It is a ideal engineering vehicle/construction equipment (construction machinery), also can be used on ranches, large farms and plantations.



Parameter— Changlin Road Roller 719H


Overall Dimension 
1 Length 9385mm 9235mm 
2 Width 2600mm 
3 Height(To the top of the cab) 3370mm 
4 Wheel base 6150mm 6100mm 
5 Tread 2120(mm) 
Main Technical Specification 
1 Operating weight 15800kg 15900kg 
2 Blade length 4268mm 
3 Blade height 550mm
4 Shovel Blade thickness16mm
5 Max lifting height 450mm 
6 Max grading depth 535mm 
7 Min. turning radius 7400mm
8 Pivot angle frame ±26°
9 Max turning angle(front wheel) +49° 
10 Oscillating angle of front axle 32°
11 Front axle center ground clearance 610mm
12 Traveling speed(Km/h),6 forward and 3 reverse 
(1) Ⅰ gear forward6.5 
(2) Ⅱ gear forward 11.4 
(3) Ⅲ gear forward14.6 
(4) IV gear forward 24.8 
(5) V gear forward 30 
(6) VI gear forward49.2 
(7) Ⅰ gear reverse6.5 
(8) Ⅱ gear reverse14.6 
(9) Ⅲ gear reverse30 
Diesel engine 
1 Model Cummins engine 6CTAA8.3-C185 (TIER2)ShangChai SC11CB195G2B1 Engine

2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling 
3 Rated output 138 kW 143(1±5%)(kW) 
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/Stroke114/135 (mm) 121/152 (mm) 
5 Total exhaust of cylinder8.3(L) 10.48(L) 
6 Power of start motor 7.5(KW)7.5(KW) 
7 Voltage of starting motor 24(V) 24(V) 
8 Rated speed2200(r/min) 2200(r/min.) 
9 Max. Torque 902(N.m) /(1400r/min)748±6%(N.m)/(1400r/min)
10 Starting type Electric Electric 
11 Min. specific fuel consumption211(g/Kw.h) 230(1±5%)(g/kw.h)
12 Net weight 617(kg) 960(kg) 
Transmission System 
1.Torque Converter 
1 Model WG180 (ZF technology) 
2 Type 3-elements.single stage 
3 Torque ratio 2.35
4 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating 
2.Transmission case 
1 Model WG180 (ZF technology) 
2 Type power shift, single-shift lever, natural-shift lock device
3 Gear shift position 6 Forward and 3 reverse gears


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