Ceramic Fiber Textiles Cloth Tape Rope Yarn

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Ceramic Fiber Textiles Cloth Tape Rope Yarn

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:The product is packed in woven bag or carton.
Delivery Detail:within 15days after recerived the deposit.


refractory ceramic fiber bulk 
1.Low thermal conductivity 
4.Excellent sound absorption

Thermal insulation refractory ceramic fiber bulk for high temperature furnace

Item name:  refractory ceramic fiber bulk 

Thermal insulation refractory ceramic fiber for high temperature furnace

Product Description

Ceramic fiber bulk,the general ceramic fiber cotton through the fused coke gemstones,injection/rejection silk production process from fibrillation.          

High-purity,high alumina ceramic fiber bulk through the fused alumina andsilica mixture,injection/rejection silk production process from fibrillation. Zirconium ceramic fiber cotton through fused alumina, silica and zirconia

mixture, injection / rejection from the production of silk fiber. 

The use of injection into the production process of ceramic fiber cotton fiber for raw materials, manufactured 

by vacuum forming process. Ceramic fiber textiles are cotton standard ceramic fiber rejection suspect special treatment process,from deal with processing, the fiber diameter uniformity, spinning rate, and are ideal for the production of textile raw materials.

Product Characteristic

1.Low heat storage,low thermal conductivity

2.Excellent chemical stability

3.Excellent thermal stability

4.Non-combination and non-corrisive material

5.Excellent sound absorb capability

Technical Index

Name1050 Ceramic Fiber Bulk1260 Ceramic Fiber Bulk1260 Ceramic Fiber Bulk 1400 Ceramic Fiber Bulk1260 Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Average diameter(µm)2-4Diameter of grain:Φ6-20mm3-5
Shot Content(%)≤15≤12≤15≤10
AL2O3+SiO2(%)≥96≥97≥97AL2O3+SiO2 + ZrO2≥99≥97

Thermal insulation refractory ceramic fiber for high temperature furnace

1.Raw material of fiber texitle products

2.Fill material of high temperature furnace,heating equipment and wall lining gaps

3.Raw materials of water-produced products

4.Raw material of fiber spray,castable and daub materials.

Thermal insulation refractory ceramic fiber for high temperature furnace

PackingWoven bag or carton or other packing way offered
Loading20 feet container ,40feet container ,40HQ container
Sample Policysample offered in 1-3 days
Servicephone, rademanger ,email and fax are available ,welcome visit us

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Q:What is the density of ceramic fiber modules? The best insulation effect?
Ceramic fiber module density is only a standard in the world, is 220Kg/m fand, but in the actual application, according to the heat treatment furnace, furnace temperature, combustion medium, temperature rise requirement of ceramic fiber module density in 200-240Kg/m fand, ceramic fiber blanket, because the processing of ceramic fiber module uses double roller today advanced technology and technology of silk, fiber length of the ceramic fiber blanket which produced in 80-130 mm, so the maximum density of the ceramic fiber module is more than the density, 240Kg/m fand, a large amount of fiber fracture, the fracture rate is as high as 48%. So after the actual verification at home and abroad of tens of thousands of industrial furnaces, the best density of ceramic fiber module is fand 220Kg/m.
Q:The difference between the ceramic fiber blanket and rock cotton blanket
Ceramic fiber lining: low thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber lining in the average temperature of 400 degrees, the thermal conductivity is less than 0.1w/mk, the average 600 degrees less than 0.l5 w/mk, average 1000 degrees less than 0.25w/mk, about l/8 as a lightweight clay brick, lightweight refractory lining l/10, adiabatic effect.The construction of ceramic fiber lining is simple: no expansion joints are needed during construction, and the construction personnel can be started after the basic training. The technical factors of construction have little influence on the insulation effect of the lining.
Q:What is the diameter of the ceramic fiber? How to mix?
Fiber length: fiber rejection is longer, the rejection of silk fiber is generally 150-250mm, spinneret fiber is generally 100-200mm;
Q:What is the difference between the ceramic fiber cloth and the high silicon oxygen cloth?
Ceramic fiber is a short fiber that needs to be reinforced and toughened by other objects. It is generally toughened by glass fiber and stainless steel wire. The high silicon oxygen is long fiber, no need to toughen by other objects. The short-time high silica resistance to high temperature, Suzhou Dexin ceramic high silica cloth of silica content is greater than or equal to 96% temperature up to 1700 DEG C.
Q:Aluminum silicate needle carpet and ceramic fiber insulation performance of the good
Aluminum silicate needle carpet should be aluminum silicate needled blanket, with the continuous production, by acupuncture fiber uniformity, high tensile strength, does not contain any additives. Ceramic fiber, also known as aluminum silicate fiber, is only a different name.
Q:Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton smoke will cause pneumoconiosis?
1, general masks, gauze, masks, etc., can not be used as dust masks.2, mask must pass GB 2626-2006 standard certification.3, it is recommended to choose N100 class dust masks.4, individual suggestions according to choose different shapes masks.5, it is recommended to change the filter gauze mask. Material recommended for silicone material.Through the above way, it can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis.
Q:Should the ceramic fiber furnace be compacted
The simplest, the least durable method, uses ceramic fiber blankets for wrapping, which is often caused by the poor density of the ceramic fiber blanket and the lack of anchorage
Q:Is aluminum silicate fiber poisonous?
Hello, silicate in the stomach and stomach acid reaction, forming insoluble silicic acid. There should be no toxicity.
Q:What are the main differences between an ordinary furnace and a ceramic fiber furnace?
Energy saving: ordinary furnace heat loss, heat rate, furnace insulation can. The holding time of ceramic fiber furnace is ten times higher than that of ordinary furnace, and it is easy to quench and quench.
Q:Is the ceramic fiber cloth poisonous?
Ceramic fiber clothProduct introduction.Ceramic fiber products with excellent heat resistance, with heat-resistant alloy reinforced aluminum silicate dimensional textiles, continuous use temperature of 1000 degrees, excellent acid resistance and oil, water vapor corrosion capacity.

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