Centrifugal Chiller, size A2000

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It is one kind of steam compression refrigeration units. It mainly consisting of centrifugal compressor, shell and tube condenser, full liquid shell and tube evaporator, throttling device, lubricating oil system and microcomputer control system. It can be widely used in comfort central air conditioning system for communal facilities like hotel, shopping mall, office building, exhibition hall, airport, gym etc.

Meanwhile, it can meet the various requirements of process air conditioning system for industries like electricity, pharmacy, biology, light textile, metal and mechanical industries etc. Because it has large single capacity, it is mainly used in occasions with large cooling capacity. Working principle The steam refrigerant flows into the induction chamber through induction tube and enters into rotation impellers. The blades will push the air flowing from center to out along the flow passage for the high speed rotation of the impellers. As the air flows out from the impellers, both its pressure and absolute velocity increases. And then the speed energy will change into pressure energy. Finally, the air from the pressure diffuser will gather in the volute in which the speed energy will further change into pressure energy. The air with high pressure will exhaust into condenser through exhausting pipe.

Technical data:

1. Using R134a refrigerant, without limit of service life.

2. Using twin-stage centrifugal compressors, with high energy efficiency ratio.

3. The power supply can be 380V/6000V/10000V.

4. Using Siemens microcomputer intelligent control unit.

5. Various throttling control schemes.

6. Using liquid level intelligent control.

7. Independent oil return system.

8. Compact design, small covering area and low noise.

The standard operation conditions: 1. Nominal conditions:chilled water in/out temperature: 12°C/7°C; cooling water in/out temperature: 30°C/35°C. 2. Fouling coefficient of evaporator: 0.018 square meter °C/kw; condenser 0.044 square meter °C/kw.

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