cast iron waffles bakeware cast iron cookware

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cast iron waffles bakeware cast iron cookware



 Product description

Interlocking hinges separate for quicker preheating and easier cleaning. Deep pockets capture your favorite toppings. Slim profile; takes up much less space than an electric iron.Light and convenient, and there are many shapes for you to choose ,you can make multiple designs at once to save time and effort and bring convenience to your life or work.At the same time, we can guarantee our quality, strong and durable, and improve your life quality.

This products are easily to handle with ,Just rinse with water gently after each use, do not wash vigorously.


Stovetop or campfire Use.

Bakes delicate, crisp waffles, Compact, easy store design.

hand wash Clean with Water and Stiff Brush.


Product 117.8cm*16.5cm*2.7cm 
Product 232cm*29cm*3.1cm
Product 323.5cm*19.2cm*2.1cm 
Product 428.1cm*19.6cm*3.8cm
Product 519cm*2.3cm
Product 648.5cm*33.5*2.7cm


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