cast iron cookware Skillet Frying Pan Europe

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cast iron cookware Skillet Frying Pan Europe

Enjoy Added Tenderness and Even Heat Distribution

Traditional frying pans can cook unevenly, often resulting in meat that's too tough to eat. Experience the cast iron difference with your new  skillet that diffuses heat evenly for thoroughly cooked, extra-tender meats.

Cook All of Your Favorites in a Single Pan

While black iron pans are capable of cooking some of the most gorgeous and flavorful meats you’ve ever tasted, that’s not all they do. Yes, they are tough as … well – iron… but can also easily handle:

* Light, fluffy cornbread
* Delicate fried or scrambled eggs
* Moist, tender cakes
* Appetizing veggies
* Satisfying one-pan meals and casseroles
Do all this and more on top of your stove, inside your oven, on a grill or over a fire. 

Convenient, Low-Maintenance Design

Short on cabinet space? The handle hangs on the wall for easy access. It's also designed with dual-pour spouts to make draining grease and excess liquids simple. When you're ready to clean it, simply wash with water, pat dry and rub with vegetable oil.

Product 125cm*19cm*2.1cm
Product 222.7cm*5.1cm
Product 318.5cm*9.4cm/20cm*10.4cm

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Q:Can I cook with a frying pan?
fried, branded food function: only need to choose the appropriate heat switch, you can achieve different fried, baked rice.
Q:How do you clean the pan?
You can heat the wok first, then pour a little oil into it. Then use a spatula to spread it evenly. Then turn off the fire and rinse it with water the next day.
Q:How do you use the pan?
easy to use, only a few minutes, you can cook a variety of delicious dishes.
Q:You can do not pan fried dumplings
and the surface: the flour and salt and water into the plate by hand and the group make dumplings leather can not spare, pay attention to soft dough.
Q:Why do pans use wooden shovels?
So when you sell the pot, there is still a lot of learning.
Q:Does anyone understand the coating of the pan?
the coating will be added gems, minerals, diamonds, titanium, ceramics and other materials, durability can be increased by 3~4 times, or even 20~30 times.
Q:SUPOR nonstick pan can be a shovel?
Secondly, there are special process iron pot and stainless steel pot.
Q:What do you mean by "IH" on a pan?
uniform heating of the food and fast speed, and can achieve precise control of heat to meet the needs of different cooking modes, with ordinary electric resistance type heating cooker has more power than
Q:Is there any difference between a flat pan and a frying pan?
In fact, in a frying pan and a frying pan component without too much difference,
Q:What about the special dual-purpose pan?
the pan general fire are no longer used for electromagnetic oven, the pan has a characteristic that the bottom is relatively thin

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