Cartoon mini electric rice cooker

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Cartoon mini electric rice cooker


1. 300W/220-240V/50-60Hz
2. VDE/BS plug,3*0.5mm²*1.2m
3. Housing:PP
4. Inner pot:Non-stick;0,9mm of thickness
5. CE&CB certificate

Accessories: 1pc * measuring cup ; 1pc* Rice scoop


G.B  Size(mm):198x198x245 mm

Carton Size(mm):610x405x505mm

N.W/CTN (KG): 16

G.W/CTN (KG): 18


20'GP  (piece)/40'GP (piece)/40'HQ (piece):2688PCS/5376PCS/6528PCS

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Q:Is the smart rice cooker brand OK?
When a friend who asks a question meets the right answer, he can take the fastest and correct answer in a timely manner so that other friends don't think he has the right answer yet.
Q:Rice cooker cooking water more remedies?
When you boil the lid, I don't know what you put in it. I usually put it a little bit more. So so.
Q:When cooking rice cooker, which parts can not be kept warm and damaged?
Insulated switch: also called thermostat. It consists of a spring sheet, a pair of normally closed contacts, a pair of normally open contacts, and a bimetallic plate. When cooking, the temperature in the pot is increased, and the bimetallic sheet is bent upwards due to the different thermal expansion rate of the two pieces of metal sheets constituting the bimetallic plate. When the temperature reaches above 80C, the spring plate drives the normally open and normally closed contacts to be switched under the push of the double metal sheet which is upwards bent, thereby cutting off the power supply of the heating tube and stopping heating. When the temperature of the pot falls below 80C, the bimetallic plate is cooled and recovered gradually, and the normally opened and normally closed contacts are converted again, and the heating tube is connected with the power supply to heat. So repeatedly, that is, to achieve insulation effect.
Q:How hot rice cooker
Best not to use, because the poor control will focus. I ruined it that time. It's a waste!
Q:Why is the electric cooker in the Steamed Rice easy rancid?
Rice is one of the protagonists in Chinese daily diet, the staple food in southern china. Blindly rice, mix with five flavour, almost can provide the nutrition that whole body needs. Rice natured and sweet; have Buzhong, Jianpi Yangwei, Yi Jing Qiang Chi, and the five internal organs, blood, ear Mingmu, irritability, thirst, anti diarrhea effect. Have necessary nutrition elements in embryo and aleurone layer containing large Steamed Rice human body 90%, and various nutrients are balanced, so it is the best food.
Q:SUPOR rice cooker cfxb40fz9-85 how to make an appointment?
If you make a reservation, there is a button, you can book the starting time, the end of the reservation, you are booked according to the time you need
Q:Is aluminum harmful to humans? Why are the inner tubes of the rice cooker lined with aluminium products?
Aluminum after eating into the body, it is difficult to discharge, will continue to accumulate.Excess body aluminum has the risk of Alzheimer's disease...The aluminum used in rice cookers is mainly made of aluminum. The heat conduction is very fast, the rice is cooked well and the temperature is controlled well.
Q:How about stewed pear candy with rice cooker? Do you want spices?
No, peel the Sydney. Cut it into pieces and throw it into the water. Put the rock sugar in it, you can turn on the electricity. Sweet
Q:Pentium rice cooker pff30n-a regular reservation function how to use?
Yes. 0.50 is 30 minutes, and if cooking is 1 hours, the shortest to 1., 0.50. can not be adjustedDinner will be available in 1 hours.
Q:What does Toshiba electric cooker show F7?
Cause and elimination of trouble:1, check whether the temperature sensor wiring is loose, bad contact or broken line. It is necessary to connect the wires, replace the loose terminals, or replace the broken wires, and re connect them.2. Check whether the temperature sensor is aging, resistance, change or malfunction. This phenomenon needs to update the temperature sensor.3 、 check whether the control circuit board is out of order. The circuit board cannot interpret the signal or send out a signal to control the start and stop of the water heater, and the new circuit board needs to be replaced.

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