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Single-side climbing formwork DXB-180 & DXB-240 are improved from the DP-180 & DP-240 system, they have the similar structure. They are mainly used in the concrete pouring of dam, pier, and guy anchor, concrete protecting wall, tunnel, underground workshop and so on. Because the concrete lateral pressure is entirely supported by anchor system and bracket, the wall-through tie-rod and additional reinforcement are not needed. The construction is easy, rapid and economical; the concrete surface is smooth. They are perfect formwork system for single-side wall and large areas’ concreting

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Q:Help: hanging basket cantilever construction construction invited
In the lower structure after the completion of the structure, the platform can be erected on the platform bracket can be erected if the high pier can be erected legs, but must be pre-pressure to eliminate plastic deformation to be elastic deformation to throw high but also to calculate the construction of pre-camber and zero Block the axis to meet the design requirements, in the upper part of the pouring of the block Note that the layout of the prestressed pipe to meet the design requirements but also embedded in the finishing thread used to fix the hanging blue in the pouring of the zero section to do temporary consolidation,
Q:Microphone cantilever brackets are not fast and often how to do sliding
Take raw tape wrapped around and then should be able to better point, but also economic
Q:How to put the microphone line to the cantilever bracket
Unless you bring their own wheat line, or use a fixed connection.
Q:Cantilever support is good or not
Mainly to see the venue and use. Like singing when playing with the former (to facilitate the performers to play), and recording, broadcast and use the latter (the effect of small effect)
Q:Hurry, Shenzhen shelf factory have what shelf?
See what you want to do shelves, and brothers have a lot of shelf, according to your product to set it,
Q:What is a long cantilever structure
A connecting member which is joined to the holder so as to be connected to the support by the engaging member and to adjust the height via the elevating means, the pivoting direction
Q:Are there any national standard or model?
Cantilever shelves in the shelf are more complex processing. Cantilever column welding, base of the welding, U-shaped card bending, cantilever welding, card forming, etc., size, the current factory are customized according to customer requirements, more humane point. We are Nanjing Subo domain Metal Products Co., Ltd., in the cantilever rack has a wealth of production experience.
Q:Computer desk is glass! How to install the capacitor cup with the cantilever bracket? Afraid of crushing glass tables
You look too much on plexiglass. Big brother. So easy to break the words where people dare to do the table. Rest assured it. Broken to find me.
Q:ISK network K song entertainment recording A6 condenser microphone + UK-400 external sound card + cantilever + power easy to use it?
Power and support, we must choose the original, many businesses in order to reduce prices and improve profits, the use of "civet cats for Prince Edward" approach to some accessories using other so-called brand, may affect the final output of the sound, for example, Whether the power supply is stable, the brackets weave the noise shielding ability, whether the bracket is pure metal or hard plastic. Do not covet small cheap, authentic licensed also not much. You can contact us, welcome to visit the guide, although there are advertising ingredients, but also hurt you nothing, thank you understand..............
Q:Hardware factory furniture factory warehouse cantilever rack What are the advantages
Can fully improve the space utilization, the warehouse material management standardization, standardization, and stacking machine or forklift matching, both to improve the efficiency of material flow, reduce storage and transportation costs, economic and economic benefits, but also improve the level of material circulation mechanization, Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions.

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