Building Hoist SC200/200 with 50m Height

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Updated CMAX building hoist configuration




Good news that CMAX hoist technology makes great progresses in the last period, which have received warm welcome by the end-users and it is updated CMAX configuration hoist. In order to specially support our long-term potential partners


Following advantage for you kind review.


1.    Hoist complete cabin and enclosure frame adopt hot dip galvanized process to provide high level rust protection and corrosion protection.


(Note: process of acid pickling before hot galvanizing)


Before, only the building hoist mast sections are adopted as hot galvanized procession; Updated configuration, not only the mast section, but also the complete cabin and enclosure frame are adopted as hot galvanized procession.


Main advantage: improve the outlook and enlarge the complete steel structures usage life by 5~10% increase.


2.    Cabin exit door adopts ramping type


Main advantage: the ramping door likes a bridge between the building hoist and construction building, which normally increases around USD800 for this improvement.


3.    Large anchorage frame is supplied.





Cage size














Main advantage: the updated configuration increase the tie-in adjustable distance from 1800~2100mm to 2900~3600mm, which normally increases around USD200/piece for this improvement.


4.    The side cage produced with aluminum board with increased thickness to 3MM.


Main advantage: normally it is 2mm, updated CMAX configuration make the side wall thickness as 3mm to enhance the strengthens and wear resistance of the cabin side wall, moreover, plywood with 6mm thickness and 500mm height is add to the inside wall of the cabin to prevent the damage of the cabin side wall.


5.    The floor is produced from 3MM thickness steel riffled boardHot dip galvanized, and 15MM thickness wooden board which can reduce the vibration and deformation a lot.


Main advantage: normally there is steel board only, updated CMAX configuration adds one wooden board under the steel board that decrease the noise by at least 50% compared before.


6.    Integrated electric control box



Main advantage: normally the electric box is big and the cable has to go into the electric box for connection purpose; the updated configuration makes the electric box size decrease by 10%.


7. For the main mechanic parts, bending plate structure (steel material: Q345B) is adopted, instead of angle steel or channel steel in order to improve the main steel structure’s intensity and the nice appearance.


( Note: process of steel board bending)


Main advantage: instead of angle or channel steel for main mechanic structure, bending plate steel structure not only makes the steel structure intensity increases by around 20%, but also makes the whole appearance more attractive after painting



Thanks for choosing CMAX updated configuration building hoist. It is believed that your esteemed company will be more competitive with our qualified products and after-service.

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Q:What are the requirements for the construction elevator
Actually good or bad for safety device can only judge by test and inspection in the daily operation is not sure whether it is good or bad, for those who are serving for safety device, or advice for the earlier inspection and regular test, only accomplish know fairly well, to malignant accident prevention rather than cure.
Q:The difference between the derrick and the construction elevator?
They're the same. HAULOTTE answer for you
Q:The construction elevator relies on what to carry heavy, static hour force point where
The static load of the gear is concentrated in the final gear of the gear.
Q:The working principle of construction elevator
How the elevator works: The main bearing structure is self-formed system, which is low on construction. It more driven by force, drive devices are installed on the hanging basket, through the gear and rack drive system, the mutual cooperation, so as to realize the rise and fall of the elevator.
Q:How many guides are in the construction elevator
The guideway hydraulic platform is a non-shearing hydraulic platform, which is suitable for the transport of goods between low floors. The product hydraulic system sets the emergency anti-falling, the upper and lower door interaction chain each floor and the elevating platform work mesa both can set the operation button, achieves multi-point control. The hydraulic electric appliances have optional safety configuration: emergency stop, overload alarm, deceleration adjustment block, leakage proof overload protection, etc. The product structure is strong, the load is large, the elevation is stable, the installation maintenance is convenient, is the economical and practical low floor space to replace the elevator's ideal cargo transport equipment. According to the installation environment and usage requirements of the platform, the different configuration can be selected for better use. Features: minimum height of 150-300mm, suitable for unexcavated pit, at the top without lifting, is the preferred lifting device for transporting goods between lower floors.
Q:Elevator installation approach, need to give the total package (inspect) what data, come a master to answer the detail point
Supplement: Component members: project manager, safety personnel, inspectors, field director, technical director, foreman, elevator operation (mechanical, electrical installation and maintenance) welders, electricians, scaffolder, etc. The subcontract unit project manager shall have a certificate of construction, and special work shall be given the special work certificate. If the special work certificate is outside the province and province, the construction committee of the construction site should be put on the record.
Q:Should a fire extinguisher be equipped in the construction elevator?
A fire extinguisher will be required for the 500kg of manned cargo construction elevators at 500kg or more.
Q:How many kw is the sc construction elevator
The construction elevator sc200/200 is rated at 63 kw power, and the power consumption is greater.
Q:Safety device for construction elevator
When the cage is in an emergency for various reasons during the operation, the driver can press the stop switch at any time, making the cage stop running. The fast stop must be a non-self-restoring safety device, usually installed in the top of the cageConstruction lifter lifting door, protective enclosure door are equipped with electric interlock switch, which can effectively prevent because of hoisting cage or protective enclosure door open it up and running and materials caused by falling, only when the hoisting cage door and protective enclosure fully closed to start running.
Q:Is the construction elevator a special equipment
The construction elevator is special equipment, the installation and demolition of the special construction plan, after the installation, the special equipment can be tested and qualified for use

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