Brass Bathroom Accessories- Glass Shelf KB01-004

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Product Description  

Product name

Brass Bathroom Accessories- Glass Shelf KB01-004


Stainless Steel304/ Brass,





Packaging & Shipping


Each piece is put into the Bubble Wriap + Carton

Delivery time

15~20 days after deposit

Export market

Asia, America, Europe, Africa, markets.

Our Services

1.   Reliable Supplier

2.   High Quality
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Other Matched Fittings in this KB-01 Series ( Square Base, Round Tube)

Q:What is the customs code for the kind of bathroom racks that are chrome plated? Tax rebate rate?
83024900 iron wire bathroom frame
Q:The tenant had installed the pylon in the bathroom, took the time to take away, leaving 4 holes is very ugly, and now I intend to buy a bathroom rack to reload, with the skin to measure the next hit his hole, long distance Is 485mm, width is 229mm, ask the bathroom rack is a standard? I intend to buy online, so I would like to know how to choose the appropriate installation of the hole from the rack, for the experience of the decoration personnel to inform ~ extremely grateful
Go to the plumbing store holding you a good size corresponding to the need to buy or re-punch the installation is mainly like what kind of rack
Q:Decoration of the bathroom rack (to punch) generally find who installed? Can not be posted on the brick to take advantage of the workers still installed?
This is a professional installation of sanitary ware, hardware, switch workers, professional to do this, you can find: area + professional equipment similar to this kind of workers can give you equipment
Q:Old house, wanted to use ready-made decoration. Bought a Haier small prodigy, because the bathroom where the place has a ready to leak, the initial consideration of the washing machine on the bathroom, so feasible. Is it necessary to be a shelf of what? Have this experience DX, is willing to teach enlighten me.
It must be useful, padded well, or a long time, the base will be rotten, the height does not need much better, pad on the line
Q:How to make your home bathroom or bathroom become more neat, simple, clean and stylish? A set of practical bathroom racks indispensable.
Very practical bathroom rack, intends to buy a space-saving.
Q:To match the bathroom, there is no gold side of the shower room recommended?
You can go to the place to see the bathroom
Q:How to press the bathroom frame There is no meeting
Find the master, you come to the wrong place
Q:Bathroom decoration to buy a bathroom cabinet or metal shelves better? Feel the bathroom cabinet for a long time will certainly damp moldy. But also feel the metal shelves and decoration style does not match. Seeking, we recommend a better recommended bathroom cabinet it!
The metal shelves are too easy to put. With some decoration style is not with
Q:IKEA bathroom frame sucker how always out
It should be suction or sucker quality is not good, or too much weight caused. Some sucker with a long time is not easy to use, mainly the wall is not water.
Q:How to remove the rust on the bathroom shelf
The simplest easy way is to take a brush with a clean steel ball can be a clean, but after cleaning, remember to put rust-proof things

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