black/blue/galvanized steel packing strip

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Product Description:

[Sort of steel packing strips]:
(1) White steel packing strips
(2) Blue steel packing strips
(3) Paintbaked steel packing strips(black,green,gray,yellow etc.)

[Mechanical properties]:
(1)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(2)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥78-90Kg/mm2(780-900Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(3)High quality steel strips:
high high intesity,good capability,bearing impact.tensile strength: 90-100Kg/mm2 (900-1000Mpa) , elongation5%-10%.


BWG28×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   ( 0.36mm×9.5mm ,12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG27×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   (0.40mm×9.5mm , 12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG26×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.45mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG25×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.50mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG24×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.55mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG23×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.60mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG22×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''   ( 0.70mm×19mm , 25.4mm, 32mm)
BWG21×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''  (0.80mm×19mm  ,  25.4mm,  32mm)
BWG20×3/4'' ,  1''  ,5/4 '' , (0.90mm×19mm ,  25.4mm ,  32mm)
BWG19×3/4'' , 1''  , 5/4''   (1.0mm×19mm ,     25.4mm,   32mm)

We can produce special specification as per customers request,and we can make the edge smoother of the steel packing strips.


steel packing strip
Black or galvanized
Material:Q195 or Q235
Package:50kgs/coil,or as customer request

The steel packing strip has the following advantage:

Surface treatment

Black painted wax,Blue or Galvanized surface


thickness:0.3mm-1.0 mm,width:12.7-32mm or any width as your request.


Ribbon & Oscillated,50kgs/coil,or as customers requirements

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Q:The difference between the production of pig iron, wrought iron, steel and method of mutual conversion have?
As we know, the main difference lies in the pig iron, wrought iron and steel carbon content, carbon content of more than 2% of iron is iron; carbon content of less than 0.05% of the iron, wrought iron is called the carbon content in 0.05%; 2% of the iron and steel called. With a block of iron through carbon steel knife, although relatively sharp, but still not to be able to "cut gold and jade broken, standing on the level.
Q:What kind of iron does it have? What is iron? What is iron?
The difference between steel and iron, pig iron and steel are the main component of iron, the main difference between the two is the difference in carbon content, pig iron generally contains carbon 2-4.3%, steel containing carbon 0.03-2%.
Q:How can the blast furnace smelting pig iron reduce carbon, and what method can reduce the carbon content in hot metal?
The definition of pig pig iron is an alloy of iron and carbon carbon content more than 2%, pig iron carbon content is generally in 2%--4.3%, including C, SI, and Mn, S, P and other elements, is the use of iron ores in blast furnace smelting products. According to the different form of carbon in pig iron, it can be divided into several kinds, such as steelmaking pig iron, casting pig iron and nodular cast iron. Pig iron performance: pig iron is hard, wear-resisting, casting good, but pig iron is crisp, can not forge. [editor this paragraph]2, various traits of pig iron, introduction, use carbon steel-making pig iron mainly exists in the form of iron carbide, the white section, usually called white iron. The pig iron is hard and brittle, and is generally used as raw material for steelmaking.
Q:There are differences between iron and wrought iron material? What's the difference? Inside the material?
See: pig iron fracture is rough, showing a bead (for the sake of coarse grain iron), and wrought iron fracture is generally more smooth; if this is a new fracture, but also to see the dark and shiny born iron wrought iron lighter; iron fracture is generally irregular, because iron is crisp. Most of them are interrupted, (which is processed, it is very flat and wrought iron) must not be interrupted, mostly by certain way processed separately, so the fracture is generally neat fracture; if it is cutting, that is wrought iron, iron is not cutting the surface must be iron; iron does not have stomatal pores, familiar; if a piece of iron is a significant deformation (bending) that is wrought iron because of poor plasticity, not so true to the bending deformation, Either it breaks or has a distinct crack, and it doesn't bend very much. There are some details that can not be made clear. It is necessary to have some experience.
Q:Ask what is called pig iron, wrought iron is called what? How to distinguish?
Pig iron is low in silicon content, generally less than 1.75%. Is the main raw material, open hearth steelmaking, accounting for 80%~90% in pig iron production in. Pig iron is hard and brittle. Iron and carbon are in a combined state. In the form of cementite (Fe3C), the fracture is silvery white, so it is also called "white iron". Roll, Li Hua iron is white iron.
Q:What is the effect of heating deformation on cast iron and 45 steel?
The thermal expansion coefficient of cast iron and 45 steel depends on the coefficient of linear expansion of the material (varies with the range of temperature),At 20---100 degrees, the coefficient of linear expansion of cast iron is 8.7---11.1, and the coefficient of linear expansion of steel 45 is 11.3---13.At 20---200 degrees, the coefficient of linear expansion of cast iron is 8.5---11.6, and the coefficient of linear expansion of steel 45 is 10.6---12.2.In the above-mentioned range, the deformation of 45 steel is relatively large.
Q:Who knows the proportion of pig iron and coke used in cupola?
Blank export rate: raw materials into melting after the formation of blank, under normal circumstances, the common casting investment for every 1 tons of pig iron, scrap steel and other major raw materials, the lowest to 85% iron, after casting output blanks, nozzle, nozzle, riser, riser for smelting iron ratio of about 30% pieces of standard blank; the export rate, nozzle, riser re melted continue after put into use; production enterprises invested 1 tons per dryer, iron scrap and other major raw materials to the lowest 85% of the hot metal, roughly the same with ordinary casting, casting blank after the (standard yield) for hot metal ratio is about 70%, accounting for the proportion of the molten iron outlet riser about 15%, nozzle, riser also re melted after continued use.
Q:What are the wall thickness and the outer diameter of flexible cast-iron drainage pipes?
Cast iron is a general term of cast iron carbon alloy containing more than 2% carbon. It is usually made up of pig iron, scrap steel, ferroalloy and so on in different proportions. The main elements of iron, carbon and silicon, manganese and other small amounts of phosphorus and sulfur and other elements, is pig iron (sometimes steel and iron) re melted down, and adding iron alloy, steel scrap, recycled iron obtained by adjusting the composition of.
Q:What is a pig iron pot? What is a cast iron pan? What's the difference?
Large cooking, large boil, and other non family cooking pot, it is appropriate to choose an iron pot. On the one hand, a large pot of the relatively high price, a lot cheaper than cooked raw iron to iron, wrought iron pot can not be too thin, otherwise soft deformation, so the price is relatively high; on the other hand, a large cooking pot to boil often contact with a large number of substances such as salt sauce vinegar, easy corrosion of the pot wall, the under the condition of iron more easily than cooked wok rust and etching holes.
Q:Argon arc welding pig iron
Pig iron can be welded. It is necessary to use nickel based welding rod. Before welding, it must be preheated evenly. When welding, it is necessary to strike constantly to eliminate stress and prevent cracking

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