black/blue/galvanized steel packing strip

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Product Description:

[Sort of steel packing strips]:
(1) White steel packing strips
(2) Blue steel packing strips
(3) Paintbaked steel packing strips(black,green,gray,yellow etc.)

[Mechanical properties]:
(1)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(2)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥78-90Kg/mm2(780-900Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(3)High quality steel strips:
high high intesity,good capability,bearing impact.tensile strength: 90-100Kg/mm2 (900-1000Mpa) , elongation5%-10%.


BWG28×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   ( 0.36mm×9.5mm ,12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG27×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   (0.40mm×9.5mm , 12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG26×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.45mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG25×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.50mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG24×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.55mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG23×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.60mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG22×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''   ( 0.70mm×19mm , 25.4mm, 32mm)
BWG21×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''  (0.80mm×19mm  ,  25.4mm,  32mm)
BWG20×3/4'' ,  1''  ,5/4 '' , (0.90mm×19mm ,  25.4mm ,  32mm)
BWG19×3/4'' , 1''  , 5/4''   (1.0mm×19mm ,     25.4mm,   32mm)

We can produce special specification as per customers request,and we can make the edge smoother of the steel packing strips.


steel packing strip
Black or galvanized
Material:Q195 or Q235
Package:50kgs/coil,or as customer request

The steel packing strip has the following advantage:

Surface treatment

Black painted wax,Blue or Galvanized surface


thickness:0.3mm-1.0 mm,width:12.7-32mm or any width as your request.


Ribbon & Oscillated,50kgs/coil,or as customers requirements

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Q:What material is cast iron?
A general term for alloys consisting of iron and carbon and silicon. In these alloys, the carbon content exceeds the amount retained in the austenite solid solution at the eutectic temperature.A category that belongs to iron.
Q:Pig iron, wrought iron and steel from three?
A lot of carbon containing iron, hard and brittle, almost no plastic; steel pig iron and wrought iron with two kinds of advantages, widely used for human beings.I usually choose the material material is iron. However, it must be a good sword. The iron and steel smelting steel the difference there? We know that the main difference lies in the pig iron, wrought iron and steel carbon content, carbon content of more than 2% iron, called pig iron;
Q:Waterjet can cut iron?
Can the water can cut many kinds of material, to give you the following reference to the following: water cutting a wide range of almost all common cutting materials are as follows: mechanical manufacturing industry: gear, casting, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy and other metal parts;
Q:The difference of ductile iron and gray iron manhole cover of manhole cover
1, the iron graphite is flat, flaky, ductile iron graphite is in the shape of a ball. Tapping a ductile iron, such as the sound of an approximately striking carbon steel, illustrates that spheroidal graphite iron is ductile. The percussion sounds very dull gray.2, on the rate of spheroidization, can say so, the same is the product of ductile iron, spheroidization rate is different, that quality is different, the price is also very different. The average factory rate has reached 85% for qualified products. Spheroidization rate below 85% is due to the casting time, without spheroidization, and the formation of molten iron temperature is low, the product produced by the pressure can not meet the request.
Q:What is a pig iron pot? What is a cast iron pan? What's the difference?
Large cooking, large boil, and other non family cooking pot, it is appropriate to choose an iron pot. On the one hand, a large pot of the relatively high price, a lot cheaper than cooked raw iron to iron, wrought iron pot can not be too thin, otherwise soft deformation, so the price is relatively high; on the other hand, a large cooking pot to boil often contact with a large number of substances such as salt sauce vinegar, easy corrosion of the pot wall, the under the condition of iron more easily than cooked wok rust and etching holes.
Q:307 can welding rod weld pig iron?
If the pig iron pieces more important, from quality assurance can be used on the cold welding welding process, selection of materials suitable for cold welding of cast iron electrode WEWELDING777 welding current, low current 90-110A welding.
Q:The reaction principle of pig iron to steel
The difference between material for blast furnace, coke, iron pig iron and iron is iron containing carbon black, coke is to provide carbon materials as long as the iron in the blast furnace after high temperature baked iron is its hardness is very large but not good toughness so the pig iron into steel repeatedly Chuida until the difference is pig iron by hammering carbon element reduced
Q:What does the smell of pig iron do to your body?
There is no danger in smelling it. If it is cutting pig iron, there is harm:1 dust produced by cutting pig iron2 high temperature gases produced during cutting
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron and cast iron
A lot of carbon containing iron, hard and brittle, almost no plastic; steel pig iron and wrought iron with two kinds of advantages, widely used for human beings.
Q:What is what is called pig iron, wrought iron? What's the difference? Not by electric welding or wrought iron iron can not ah, why?
Pig iron: generally refers to the carbon content of iron alloy in 2~6.69%. Also called cast iron. In addition to containing carbon, pig iron also contains silicon, manganese and a small amount of sulfur, phosphorus and so on, it can be cast can not be forged.

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