black/blue/galvanized steel packing strip

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Product Description:

[Sort of steel packing strips]:
(1) White steel packing strips
(2) Blue steel packing strips
(3) Paintbaked steel packing strips(black,green,gray,yellow etc.)

[Mechanical properties]:
(1)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(2)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥78-90Kg/mm2(780-900Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(3)High quality steel strips:
high high intesity,good capability,bearing impact.tensile strength: 90-100Kg/mm2 (900-1000Mpa) , elongation5%-10%.


BWG28×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   ( 0.36mm×9.5mm ,12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG27×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   (0.40mm×9.5mm , 12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG26×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.45mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG25×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.50mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG24×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.55mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG23×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.60mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG22×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''   ( 0.70mm×19mm , 25.4mm, 32mm)
BWG21×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''  (0.80mm×19mm  ,  25.4mm,  32mm)
BWG20×3/4'' ,  1''  ,5/4 '' , (0.90mm×19mm ,  25.4mm ,  32mm)
BWG19×3/4'' , 1''  , 5/4''   (1.0mm×19mm ,     25.4mm,   32mm)

We can produce special specification as per customers request,and we can make the edge smoother of the steel packing strips.


steel packing strip
Black or galvanized
Material:Q195 or Q235
Package:50kgs/coil,or as customer request

The steel packing strip has the following advantage:

Surface treatment

Black painted wax,Blue or Galvanized surface


thickness:0.3mm-1.0 mm,width:12.7-32mm or any width as your request.


Ribbon & Oscillated,50kgs/coil,or as customers requirements

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Q:Which is better, cast iron or cooked iron pot?
Iron (cast iron pot) with gray iron melt casting, and cooked wok (fine iron) with wrought iron forging and into, the characteristics of iron and wrought iron and manufacturing process of the difference, causes students to provide and cooked wok there are relatively large differences, not a simple evaluation of the two merits, but to according to the actual cooking to judge.
Q:What are the uses of pig iron?
Pig iron can be divided into steelmaking pig iron according to different uses, casting pig iron,.x0d smelting iron, hard and brittle, and can be used as the surface material of anti wear parts, mainly used in steel making,.x0d
Q:How to weld iron castings? Which welding method is adopted? What kind of electrode?
Because of some advantages of cast iron, it occupies a large proportion in automobile manufacturing materials. Most of the cast iron parts are the basic parts with high machining accuracy and high price, such as air cylinder block, cylinder head, transmission housing, etc..
Q:Is it possible to weld pig iron with ordinary welding machine?
The DC welding machine has no frequency, the welding process is stable, the arc is stable, and the spatter is very small. The welding machine has good dynamic characteristics and high welding seam strength. DC reverse polarity (anode - ground, welding connected with the anode + polarity welding).According to cast iron concrete material, choose matching cast iron electrode welding.
Q:Does pig iron belong to alloy?
No, it's iron containing impuritiesGenerally refers to the iron alloy carbon content in 2~4.3% iron. Also called iron. Iron in addition to carbon, silicon, manganese and also contains a small amount of sulfur and phosphorus, it can cast NONMALLEABLE. According to the different forms of carbon in pig iron, and can be divided into several kinds of iron and iron for steelmaking, casting ductile iron. Steel and iron in carbon mainly exists in the form of iron carbide, the white section, usually called white iron.
Q:What is ball cast iron?
Spheroidal graphite is obtained by spheroidizing and inoculation of nodular cast iron. It can effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially improve the plasticity and toughness, so as to obtain higher strength than carbon steel.
Q:What are the differences between nickel pig iron and laterite nickel ore?
Laterite nickel oxide ore belongs to, at present, mainly from Indonesia, Philippines, is the main raw material of nickel pig iron smelting. According to the general domestic nickel iron alloy factory needs imports, mainly focus on the nickel content in more than 1.8% of the ore, also imports of nickel in the middle of 1.3--1.7, iron in 20---40, used for smelting nickel iron in taste there are domestic factory imports of nickel; in 1, 50 in iron ore, iron ore is mainly used to mix into reducing the cost. Ore is mainly used for smelting nickel pig iron (fire), also used for smelting nickel ore imports of ice (wet method).
Q:What does the smell of pig iron do to your body?
If the pig iron is absorbed by the body, it can cause harm to the liver and become a hidden disease of the body. Cooking iron pots can help prevent iron deficiency anemia by supplementing iron needed by the body. Experts say the food used in the wok is nearly five times more iron than the food cooked in other pots.Ordinary iron rust easily, it is a problem of great concern, the reporter learned that, if the human body to absorb too much iron oxide, or rust, it will cause harm to the liver, has become a hidden body disease.The above two are influential on the lungs. Usually eat more fungus, you can clear the lungs, but only health care
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron and cast iron
Iron into pig iron and wrought iron, wrought iron, steel and cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon with the carbon content difference.
Q:Is the concrete well covered or made of pig iron?
As for the cast iron that everybody says is easy to throw, it is really a problem, but now the well rings and manhole covers are all connected together. It is not the cast iron manhole cover of the past few years.

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