Bevelled Glass Diffuser E27 60W Outdoor Garden Light

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Item specifice:

material: aluminium diffuser: glass IP rate: IP44
wattage: 60W color: different color available

Product Description:

Feature of Outdoor Garden Light

1) mode/fashion design 

2) garden light source 60W or CFL 11W 

3) 3 years warranty 

4) Many color can be choosen







outdoor garden light 

presently this model only one version

Item Number






fresh and excellent material


matt black

if you need other finish,please feel free to contact me 

Light source



Bulb included




3 years

we are sure about the quality, so we provide 3years guarantee



electronic part comply with CE or RoHS standard



US standard is110V,Europe ,Asia and other place is 220V



usually 3~7 days

Delivery time

15-20 days

for 20'ft or40'hq

Payment terms

T/T, L/C

70% balance paid before producing

Application of Outdoo Garden Light

Apply to the showrooms,museums,glleries and offices as partial lighting.

Also widely be used in shopping molls,bars as exhibiting light.

Such as jewellery,gold and silver ornaments,fashion and so on.


Bevelled Glass Diffuser E27 60W Outdoor Garden Light

Bevelled Glass Diffuser E27 60W Outdoor Garden Light

Bevelled Glass Diffuser E27 60W Outdoor Garden Light

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