CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light

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Item specifice:

material: aluminium color: different color available wattage: 100W
diffuser: glass

Product Description:

Outdoor garden light 

Feature of Outdoor garden  Light:

1) mode/fashion design 
2) led light source 1/3W 
3) 3 years warranty 
4) Many color can be choosen


Specification of outdoor garden light :


Descriptionoutdoor garden lightpresently this model only one version
Item Number8001L
Materialaluminumfresh and excellent material
Finishblack if you need other finish,please feel free to contact me 
Light source100WE27
Bulb includedno13
Warranty3 yearswe are sure about the quality, so we provide 3years guarantee
CertificationCE&RoHSelectronic part comply with CE or RoHS standard
Voltage110V/220VUS standard is110V,Europe ,Asia and other place is 220V
Sampleacceptableusually 3~7 days
Delivery time15-20 daysfor 20'ft or40'hq
Payment termsT/T, L/C, Paypal70% balance paid before producing


Application of outdoor garden light 


Apply to the showrooms,museums,glleries and offices as partial lighting.


Also widely be used in shopping molls,bars as exhibiting light.


Such as jewellery,gold and silver ornaments,fashion and so on.

CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light

CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light

CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light

CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light

CE APPROVED E27 100W traditional outdoor garden light


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I use 2 450 watt sodium halide and 2 400 watt metal halide and together the work great. The lights were not cheap but I got them on craigslist. 2 totally different light spectrum's but together produce awesome plants.

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