Anti Bacteria Anti UV Textile Auxiliary Nano Zinc Oxide

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Anti bacteria anti uv textile auxiliary nano zinc oxide

    Antibacterial                  Anti-UV            Purify formaldehyde      Other


Application Fields


Anti bacteria anti uv textile auxiliary nano zinc oxide



     Coating          Textile           Ceramic                  Feed                   Plastic

Anti bacteria anti uv textile auxiliary nano zinc oxide

   Rubber               Electron            Daily use           Cosmetic          Day supplies



Product Benefits


Comparison of Competing Products

(1) Cost comparison

                                                     Zn vs Ag   



Catalyst ZnO

Nano Silver

Food Grade








Price($ / kg)






Our security:
After catalyst zinc oxide into the human stomach, since acidic environment of the stomach and catalyst zinc oxide is easily soluble in the acid, when it reacts with the acid, there will be ZnCl2, and ZnCl2 is zinc salt, will be absorbed by body or excreted. So, catalyst zinc oxide not only to ensure the safety, also can add trace elements.
Nano silver Security:
When the nano silver in the reaction with the acid, it will become AgCl, while AgCl hardly soluble in water, unable to be excreted in the body, easily leads to calculi and heavy metals exceeded. Ultimately cause damage to the body.

Besides, we also passed the Ministry of Agriculture’s rats and mice acute oral toxicity test, mouse sperm deformity test, mouse bone marrow cell chromosome aberration test, mouse bone marrow micronucleus tests and National CDC dermal irritation test. Test results all qualified.

  • State Department of Agriculture safety report Number: WTPJ20120025

  • The State CDC skin irritancy report number: 2012KF0734


(2) Anti-UV

                                                      Zn vs Ti




Ozone layer extent 

of absorption

The amount of radiation 

reaching the ground 

Damage to human body

Effective UV 




Penetrate the ozon



Smaller energy:

Through glass, clothing, 

human skin to make loose skin

and wrinkles,accelerated aging.

Catalyst zinc oxide




Most is absorbed 

by the ozone layer

The vast majority is 

absorbed by the ozone layer

Larger energy: 

Through human skin, 

cause sunburn, severe cases

to cause skin tumor


Catalyst zinc oxide,


titanium dioxide 







Less than 2%

The ozone layer absorbs

Maximum energy: 

May cause genetic mutations

Catalyst zinc oxide,


titanium dioxide


(3) Purify formaldehyde

                                                  Zn VS Ti 


ProductPurification efficiencyPersistent purification
Catalyst ZnO95%94%
Do not rely on UV light, Visible light effect is consistent with black-box condition effect
Nano-titanium dioxideRely on UV light, effect is not obvious under visible light


Technological Level


After continuous efforts of our R&D team, successfully solved reunion of nanomaterials, product use and application problems in various fields and improve product performance to maximize. So, we can provide you with cutting-edge technology and service support.


Future Prospects


Limited use of nano silver in the United States also represents people require more secure and assured functional new materials to replace; Nano-titanium dioxide product limitations make it impossible to be more competitive in the future market. But, we can do all of these, and in safe and efficient premise to provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

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Q:What is the zinc oxide?
Common are zinc oxide and zinc oxide
Q:Whether the metal oxides are alkaline oxides
CrO3, Mn2O7 are metal oxides, they are acidic oxides
Q:What is called transition metal oxide doping
The so-called dopant oxide is doped with impurities in oxides, such as the incorporation of trivalent Al in ZnO, and the doping of oxides can affect and alter the original properties.
Q:How to judge a chemical formula is not an oxide
Two elements, one of which is oxygen, that is, oxide.However, generally referred to as the oxide of oxygen is relatively non-metallic relatively strong binary oxygen compounds.
Q:Oxide and organic peroxide signs
Broad oxide (oxide) refers to the oxygen element and another chemical composition of the binary compounds, such as carbon dioxide (CO?), Calcium oxide (CaO) and so on. But the combination of oxygen and electronegativity with greater fluoride is generally referred to as fluoride rather than oxide.
Q:Titanium oxide total of several?
Ti2O3 titanium dioxide purple powder, hexagonal crystal structure, lattice constant α = 0.5155nm. Containing oxygen 59.5% ~ 60.8% (at). Density 4.486g / cm3. Melting point 1900 ℃. Soluble in 40% Hydrofluoric acid, can be concentrated nitric acid erosion, but not concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid erosion, nor for alkali erosion, and 30% (mass) hydrogen peroxide solution to produce a slightly yellow solution. ~ 300 ℃ into titanium pentoxide. Vacuum in 1600 ℃ heated titanium powder and titanium dioxide mixture or 1500 ℃ hydrogen reduction of titanium dioxide. Titanium ion itself is an excellent reducing agent.
Q:The world's strongest oxide
Chlorofluorinated Chloride C1F5 Chlorinated Fluorinated Chloride is a non-combustible, non-combustible colorless gas with strong irritating odor at room temperature. Its solid state is white and has a pale yellow color. It is rapidly hydrolyzed to form chlorine and hydrofluoric acid It is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts strongly with most of the inorganic matter, so that although it does not burn in the air, it can cause fire and explosion.
Q:What are the oxides of chlorine
Chlorobase (Cl2O) Dichloride (Cl2O2) Trioxide (Cl2O3)
Q:What is the largest oxide of oxygen content?
[Hydrogen peroxide] pure hydrogen peroxide is a light blue viscous liquid, can be any proportion of mixed with water, is a strong oxidant, aqueous solution commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, colorless transparent liquid. The aqueous solution for medical wound disinfection and environmental disinfection and food disinfection. Under normal circumstances will be broken down into water and oxygen, but the decomposition rate is extremely slow, speed up its reaction rate is to join the catalyst - manganese dioxide or with short-wave radiation.
Q:Which of the active oxides is good
Is located in the south of Hebei Province Guangzong County Development Zone (under the Xingtai City), OKorder-OKorder high-speed, large high-speed, Jiqinggaosu, Xing Lin high-speed around the four weeks, Han River is rich in resources, the capital of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang is the seat of the China Magnesium Salt Association, academic research and innovation atmosphere, engaged in magnesium salt R & D and production talent pool, lead Magnesium salt technology pioneer, the plant with advanced technology to soluble magnesium salt and dolomite as raw materials to produce high quality lightweight magnesium carbonate, light magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, high purity magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, heavy magnesium oxide professional factory. I plant with complete raw materials, finished semi-finished product testing means, the whole 38 hours of continuous monitoring of the whole process of production, the use of advanced magnesium salt modern production process, continuous composite, decomposition, impurity, synthesis concerned about the production process of every detail, Production of small particle size, high purity, specific capacity, high activity, product quality and stability, the use of good performance, is the perfect substitute for imported magnesium salt products, determined to tree in the new image of magnesium products, widely used in rubber, Such as cable, enamel, ceramics, dyes, pharmaceuticals, military, glass steel, ball polishing, chemical building materials, dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates, composites and other industries. Marketing more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions. Due to good reputation and extensive sales network, Some well-known manufacturers commissioned sales agents other chemical products, SBS792, zinc stearate, titanium dioxide, SBS792,796 (Yueyang production) and other production

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