Amine curing agent DL-50,the cured product has high toughness and heat resistance.

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Item specifice:

Appearance: Yellow Liquid Viscosity(60℃)mPa•s: ≤2100 Amine value mgKOH/g: ≥480
density(25℃): 1.10-1.20 g/cm3

Product Description:

1. Product Description

DL-50 curing agent is a liquid mixtureof aromatic amines based on methylenedianiline(MDA). In addition to MDA, DL-50 curative contains polymethylene polyanilines andaromatic amines with a functionality greater than 4. The multifunctional nature of polymethylenepolyanilines can increase the crosslink density of a completely cured epoxy compared with methylenedianiline, DL-50 curative is best suited for use as an epoxy curative in forcedcure applications. This aromatic, multifunctionalcurative can be used to produce high-strengthchemically-resistant, elevated temperaturetolerant epoxy parts. Epoxy systems cured with DL-50 curative offer excellentresistance to water. acid alkalies andhydrocarbon solvents

The main component of DL-50 is diamino diphenylmethane, which belongs to aromatic amine curing agent. It is very suitable for applications requiring accelerated curing, epoxy systems with certain high strength requirements, chemical resistance and poor environmental temperature.

2. Index





Yellow Liquid

Yellow Liquid







 Amine value mgKOH/g



3. Applications

Laminating and filament winding 

Composite and pre-preg fabrication

Casting and tooling

4. Advantage:

DL-50 is a viscous liquid, easy to operate. It can be used as curing agent of epoxy resin to make the cured products have high toughness and heat resistance. 

DL-50 has high quality and low price

5. Pictures

 Amine curing agent DL-50,the cured product has high toughness and heat resistance.Amine curing agent DL-50,the cured product has high toughness and heat resistance.


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