aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich panels

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Aluminum honeycomb panel:

Aluminum honeycomb panels using the "sandwich" structure, surface treatment of aluminum alloy sheet fluorocarbon roll, the middle is in line with the National Aeronautics and aluminum honeycomb core standards. From Germany to introduce the use of sandwich boards for the production process --- continuous hot technology, chip technology hot, room temperature composite technology, specializing in the production of such products. So that the product has a more pronounced excellent properties, are widely used in building walls and interior decoration。



The main panel 3003 h24 series of magnesium alloy or magnesium alloy 5052 h24 series aluminum base material, 0.7 1.0 mm fluorocarbon roller plate thickness of the panel, the plate thickness of 0.5 1.0 mm, general choice 10 to 25 mm thickness. Use 3003 h24 hexagonal honeycomb core sandwich core material, the thickness of aluminum foil 0.04 0.06 mm, can fully meet the design and production needs of custom aluminum honeycomb core.


Aluminum honeycomb panel features:
★ high strength.
★ stiffness.
★ light weight.
★ good surface flatness.
★ fire performance is good: B1 level.
★ noise effects: air sound insulation 29dB.
★ good insulation: thermal conductivity 0.1613W / (m.k).
★ surface using paint roller coating technology: 70% of fluorocarbon paint, weathering wall, with self-cleaning capability.
★ aluminum honeycomb panels have good temperature resistance: when used in different geographical environment -40 ℃ to + 80 ℃, according to special requirements, can reach 100 ℃.
★ environmental protection, aluminum honeycomb panels without separation or classification can be completely recycled.

Aluminum h oneycomb panel product application areas:
Buildings and structures: roofs, facades and wall cladding, ceiling / partition / door, interior {walls, floors}
Elevator: bridge car negatives, siding, roof
Exhibition, display: exhibitions, display card production, store decoration
Transportation: commercial vehicles [envelope, car bottom], ship bilge {version} bulkhead, rail, rail vehicles {negatives, siding} public, special transport vehicles {container volume, transport trough}, aircraft industry

Aluminum honeycomb Specifications:
Thickness: 6mm-560mm
Al thick: 0.5-2.5mm
Width: 800 ~ 1700mm
Length: any length
Color: do special color
Core: aluminum honeycomb core 3003H19 or 5052
Coating: fluorocarbon coating


Workshop Photos

aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich  panels

aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich  panels

aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich  panels

aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich  panels

aluminum honeycomb panels and sandwich  panels


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Q:Decorative material sandwich board expensive or joinery board expensive?
Sandwich panels are wood chips inside. Blockboard is a small piece of wood inside, of course, is the joinery board expensive.
Q:Color steel plate wall how many meters a general support, corrugated color plate non-sandwich panels
Is there any angle between the top and bottom of the color plate? If not, the two panels at the junction should be set up a support point. If there is, 2-3 sets of color board can be set up to support, depending on the size of the project area average annual wind. We usually set up a 2 support.
Q:What is the rigid polyurethane sandwich panel
This is a Caigang sandwich panel, can be used as a roof structure of the roof and wall panels, with a large stiffness, than the pressure plate stiffness, thermal performance is also very good, and the polyurethane sandwich panel fire Performance is also good
Q:Color steel sandwich board board how to deal with bump
Raw material quality is not good, after forming a bad treatment
Q:Sandwich board machine how much money
Metal insulation sandwich board production line, probably in the 23-30 million range, the current OKorder Changxing, Baosheng, Po day, good quality, finished product width 970,980,950 type,
Q:What is the metal sandwich plate?
Is the two sides are galvanized sheet, the middle folder things. Can give me a look at what the picture
Q:Hard polyurethane sandwich board combustion performance?
Some in the processing process plus a flame retardant ,,, and some did not add Plus the general is 3 to 5 seconds from the fire self-extinguishing
Q:The concept of glass wool cotton sandwich panels
Composite methods are usually explosive composite, explosive rolling composite, rolling composite and so on. Composite materials can be divided into composite panels, composite pipe, composite bar and so on. Mainly used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, electric construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile and other industries. Composite material according to the appearance can be divided into composite panels, composite pipe, composite bar and so on.
Q:Does the country 's steel market have sandwich panels?
Sandwich panel products are composed of two layers of metal panels (or other material panels) and directly in the middle of the panel foam, mature molding of the composition of the polymer core insulation. These sandwich panels are easy to install, lightweight and efficient. Filling system is also used to close the molecular structure, you can put an end to the condensation of water vapor. The forming of the outer steel sheet takes into account the structural and strength requirements, and takes into account the appearance, the inner layer is formed into a flat plate to suit various needs. Guoqiang steel market with sandwich panels.
Q:How is the sandwich panel in the steel structure
Fix the screws on the C steel

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