Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application

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5 m.t.
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60000 m.t./month

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Type: Circle Temper: O-H16

Product Description:

Product Description


Product NameAluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application
Hardness stateH14, H16, H18, H22,H24, etc.
Product SizeThickness: 0.30-8.00mm , Diameter:  20-1050mm
Surface Treatmentmill finished and etc.
ProcessedDeep drawings 
Min order quantity5 tons
ApplicationCookware, Electrical Appliances, Household


Mechanical Properties
HO0.55-5.5060-100≥ 20
H120.55-5.5070-120≥ 4
H140.55-5.5085-120≥ 2




Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application


Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application


What is the quality standard?
---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006
What is the largest width?
---It is 2300mm
What is the MOQ?
---Usually we can accept 5 tons.

What's the payment terms?

---L/C, T/T and so on.


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The whole cabinet frame structure can be removed and upgraded or arranged because the metal skeleton structure is adopted. In the case of only the skeleton, and even re wiring, gas pipelines, cable laying, change, maintenance. Therefore, the overall cabinet, cabinet structure is truly the "kitchen and electric integration" goal of choice. Xiaobian remind: Kitchen embedded appliances in the installation, we should pay attention to water, electricity, gas pipelines, cable and related plugs, sockets, valves and other locations.
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