Air Conditioner Insulation Hose with High quality

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Item specifice:

Grade: 3000 Series Surface Treatment: Coated Shape: Angle
Temper: T3-T8 Application: Insulation Material

Product Description:

1.Structure of Air Conditioner Insulation Hose Description

Air Conditioner Insulation Hose is made out of aluminum and can be bent to allow for curves and offsets in the duct run. While it is best to use rigid duct from the dryer to the wall termination, clearance issues may require the use of semi-rigid duct. Semi-rigid duct may also be used as a temporary connection until you can install rigid duct. It is a much better choice than flexible ducting as it will not collapse on itself and the inside is smoother which prevents trapping and buildup of lint.  

2.Main Features of the Air Conditioner Insulation Hose:

1). Aluminum 
2). Hvac/ventilation 
3). Heat resistance 

3. Air Conditioner Insulation Hose Images

Air Conditioner Insulation Hose with High quality

Air Conditioner Insulation Hose with High quality

4. Air Conditioner Insulation Hose Specification:

Air Conditioner Insulation Hose with High quality


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