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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:where can i purchase an ac motor for a breadmaker?
Generally these are specialized motors and are only available from the manufacturer Try OKorder Guru
Q:How can I power this motor?
You could build a simple 120V DC battery pack with size D 1.2V 4AH rechargeable cell. It could power this high power motor for about 15 minutes. Carry this battery pack with a heavy duty back pack,then you can run around with this motor for fun.
Q:What's the difference between direct current motor and AC motor?
Alternating current motors are divided into stator windings and rotor conductors. The rotor conductor is shaped like a silicon steel sheet between a cage and a conductor. Some of the AC motors also have windings
Q:where can i get a motor that is 117ph. power using DC.current an another motor same ph. but using AC.of 220v?
You have described the motor as 117ph and 117hp. You also want 220V AC and a DC one with the same whatever 117ph is.. The motor pictured is a gear motor and has a power of 40W. If you get your specifications sorted out you will be able to find it yourself. Voltage (230V AC, but DC is what voltage?) Frequency (50Hz or 60 Hz). Phases (1 or 3 for AC). For this low power I expect 1 phase. Mechanical power (in watts or horsepower) RPM (revolutions per minute = speed) Gears, axial and radial torque, gear ratio. Look these terms up for an explanation. If you want speed control it is best to search for a 3 phase gear motor and use a VFD (variable frequency drive), which can run the motor from single phase for smaller motors. The motor and VFD should match. I recommend you find a local sales office for electrical equipment. For a DC motor it will depend on the voltage and mechanical power level, but these usually use some sort of PWM controller. Once again the motor and speed controller should match. These will not be readily available except in smaller sizes.
Q:anybody know how to generate 353kw of electric power for a motor that will run a car?
Watch back to the future
Q:what is Contnous rating of an AC motor?
The load at which it runs continuously without getting overheated
Read the service procedure in the Motors and Chiltons auto repair manuals at your local public library.
Q:Difference between split and a complete rings for an electric motor and a generator?
A good explanation requires diagrams which can't be included here. It is important to understand that the direction of the force on a wire in a constant magnetic field depends on the direction of the current. Reversing the current direction reverses the force. The force's direction must change each half-rotation to keep the motor turning. This force-reversal can be achieved by: - in a DC motor using a split ring commutator and - in an AC motor having two slip rings and using the fact that AC reverses direction each half-cycle. See link.
Q:what is the amps of a normal ac motor?
Depends which motor. Bigger ones will draw more.
Q:I have a 115 volt motor and I need a dimmer switch to control the speed. Which kind of dimmer should I get?
Use one that is rated for motor use. Usually you will see the phrase fan motor. But you need the max current drawn by the motor, and the dimmer should be rated for that current or higher. The one in the reference is rated for motors up to 1.5 amps. That is about 180 watts. If it is always going to be running at the reduced speed, you may be better off with a transformer or a power resistor. For example, a stepdown transformer with an output of 12 volts at 5 amps can be wired to provide 115–12 = 103 volts at 5 amps. .

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