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Q:Does the power (current * watts) by an AC motor = the heat produced ?
No, it most certainly does not. Some, hopefully most, of the electrical energy taken by the motor will be converted to mechanical energy. That's what a motor does. But, in the conversion process some of the energy, hopefully only a small amount, will be lost as heat.
Q:How to distinguish AC and DC machines
This also increases the manufacturing cost of DC motors to a certain extent. The alternator is concerned, it can realize direct energy feedback to the grid (but must ensure 4 conditions: the same voltage amplitude, phase and phase sequence of the same, the same frequency); but DC generator power needs to convert AC inverter (DC rectification process called, the direct current into alternating current the process that the inverter can be feedback to the power grid). So it also needs to increase the power of the inverter.
Q:Is it true that only DC motors can be used as generators and not AC motors ? if so why ?
My guess is No. Both can be used to generate current. From my understanding generators produce electricity which can be used to run DC and AC motors. Once you have the running electric motor it would be a waste to use it to produce electricity. The motors are used to produce mechanical energy, which can do things like make a car move. I would guess that rpm affects the voltage. The current would increase as well with rpm but, it depends on the amount of load on the motor and if the load is varying. And frequency would increase as well since the rpm is a unit for frequency.
Q:AC motor stator winding does not turn, why the back EMF?
The principle of an electric motor can be understood in junior high school. It is a device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. The energized coil is subjected to a magnetic field to its ampere force in the magnetic field, causing the coil to rotate around the shaft. Ampere force is the power source of coil rotation. If we see only the power of the ampere force, the coil of the motor will continue to accelerate, which is obviously impossible because each motor has a maximum speed.
Q:Dodge Magnum Owners: Do you guys notice the loud AC motor? It is driving me nuts!?
Yes you are talking about the blower motor. It is quite loud on high. but that's why we have a radio, turn it up and Drive On.
Q:I need to power an AC induction motor with a battery. Can any one pls help me in choosing a battery.?
a very large one (look at the data sheet and maybe you can find some suggestion)
Q:I've not understand how a dc motor works. please someone help me to understand it?
A DC motor is a very basic type of motor. It will use permanent magnets, an armature and a commutator ring to control its function. The armature is an electro-magnet that can be switched on and off. The commutator ring is the switching mechanism. As you know, unlike poles if two magnets attract each other and like poles repel. The commutator ring has electric (DC) power applied to it. It is connected (both mechanically and electrically) to the electromagnetic coils of the armature. The armature creates a magnetic field and is drawn toward the permanent magnets arranged around the outside circumference of the armature. Of course the opposite pole of the electromagnet is repelled by the opposite ends of the permanent magnets. Obviously, once the magnets react their point of greatest attraction, all motion will stop. Before the rotating armature reaches that point, the magnetic field induced in the electromagnets is reversed by switching the direction of the current flowing through the armature's coils.. That switching is accomplished at the commutator ring, which is mechanically attached to the armature. The cycle continues and you have a very basic motor. There is no speed control with this type of motor. Speed is usualy limited by load. With an AC motor the magnetic fields are reversed by the fact that the current is constantly reversing. There speed is controled by the frequency of the alternating current. There are many more type of both AC and DC motors. This is very basic. An extensive study of motor technology cannot be written in this format. It would fill volumes.
Q:What is brushless motor, no and brush what is the difference?
The difference between a brush motor and a brushless motor is whether it is equipped with a conventional brush commutator. The commutation of the brush DC motor is always achieved by touching the graphite brush with the ring commutator mounted on the rotor.The brushless motor will feedback the rotor position back to the control circuit through the Holzer sensor, so that it can learn the accurate time of the motor phase commutation. Most brushless motor manufacturers produce motors with three Holzer effect positioning sensors. Since brushless motor has no brush, it has no relevant interface, so it is cleaner and less noisy. In fact, it needs no maintenance and longer service life.
Q:What is the reason that the single phase AC motor is turned on and off?
Exclusive use only. Check the switch first, is there any bad contact?. After the problem of the switch is removed, the power is turned on, and whether the cold state can run normally every time. If there is a phenomenon that the cold condition can not work properly, the internal circuit or winding is not working. If the cold running is normal and the use of a period of time does not turn, and then use the hand to touch the motor whether the fever is serious, such as temperature is too high, the heat protector is broken, and so the motor can be turned cold. This phenomenon should check whether the no-load and load resistance of the motor is too large, whether or not the winding has a short turn between the two places, causing the temperature rise too high.The two capacitors on the motor, one is the starting capacitor, the other is the operating capacitor, which produces phase difference. The starting capacitor is only connected to the circuit when the motor is started, and it is disconnected when it is running normally. The operating capacitor is always connected to the circuit.
Q:ac not show magnetic effect. how ac motor works?
How come you deduce that AC doesnt produce a magnetic field? If there is a motion of electric charges, there is always a magnetic field. Your ceiling fan is a good example of an ac motor.

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