ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:AC operation of AC motor control circuit must be used?
In addition, alternating current is a sinusoidal current, not a sudden change in the approach. It's a little bit of gradual change. So the magnetic field is also gradual. There is no magnet in the alternating current motor but an iron core. The iron core induces an electric current in the gradual magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the current must cause it to rotate normally, and of course it also changes. That is to say, what you mean is that the frequency is constant, but the external magnetic field is constant, but the induced magnetic field is related to the rotation speed. The motors that can change speed change by changing the number of electrodes. Such as: the original current one cycle outside the gradient magnetic field for a week, now two cycles outside the gradient magnetic field for a week, not half of it?!
Q:What type of motor and battery would I need to make a human-powered generator?
as far as AC,DC goes, remember AC is highvoltage, DC is low voltage Whoever told him that is very confused indeed.
Q:Motor RPM Control?
If you have a way to decrease the AC input frequency thats the easiest way. Depending on the application of the motor you can have it maintain a certain RPM and simply change the power to it (by changing the amps applied) to change the HP it puts out, but that is really only certain applications
Q:What is the typical power rating of a 3 phase ac motor used to operate dam gates?
No, on condition which you furnish a source of three section power to energise the sphere windings. without that, you only have some coils of twine spinning close to different coils of twine. No magnetic fields, no power generated.
Q:Is DC motor energy saving or AC current?
DC speed control, that is, the alternating current into DC, the use of thyristor conduction angle to adjust, you want to, ah, SCR no loss? Of course, there is no small. Now many places use frequency control, why? Energy saving chant. You should know, now the good air conditioning, frequency conversion technology, frequency conversion is the most energy-efficient, or else enterprises will not invest so much money, research inverter technology.
Q:both wires are live on my ac motor?
If just one brush is hung up in the passage, it won't work. Maybe remove them and inspect the brush-guide assembly and ensure the new brush slides in all the way down to the commutator/slip-ring. You can file brushes to make them fit better. Also, it's unlikely the problem is a dirty armature as another answerer suggested. Just spin the motor by hand in both directions and try it again. If it doesn't run, it wasn't dirt causing it.
Q:How do I hook up a power supply to an air conditioner motor.
The link you gave is a dead link. What you have is probably a multi-speed motor that is wired with a speed selector switch. One wire is the common neutral, and the others provide speed control when connected to the power leg in the proper combinations. You will need a wiring diagram and color code for the specific motor. This is not hard to obtain if the motor is made by a company that is still in business. There will be a name plate on the motor somewhere giving the maker's name and the model number. Find the maker's web site and see if the information is available there. If not, hit the contact us tab and get their phone number. Give them a call and they should be able to help you. Good luck.
Q:ac fan motor is not turning?
Q:What happens if I overdrive an AC motor while connected to the AC whether single phase or three(3) for the dif?
What does overdrive mean? What is the rest of your question? Edit: Basically, you are connecting 2 induction motors with a different number of poles (different running speed range) in parallel electrically and physically. Before I answer, an induction motor needs to operate relatively close to the synchronous speed in order to make useful torque; if not there is a large ripple torque and the net torque is zero. In addition, the motor current will be very large if the motor speed is far different than the synchronous speed. So what will happen is that the motor with more torque capability will overpower the other one. I'm pretty sure this will cause excessive current in the smaller motor, and damage it unless some overload protection device kicks in. Don't do it, because it will not do anything useful.
Q:Can I run an AC motor on DC current or convert the motor so I don't have to buy an inverter?
No - an AC motor will not function properly on a DC Current.

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