ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:where can i purchase an ac motor for a breadmaker?
Generally these are specialized motors and are only available from the manufacturer Try OKorder Guru
Q:2005 Chevy Trailblazer AC blower motor help?
This is what I have run into on those vehicles. The wiring at the blower motor resistor pack has overheated at the connector. If you find the blower motor under the right side of the dash, you'll see 2 wires going to the blower motor. Those wires come from the motor resistor pack. There is a connector at the blower motor resistor pack with something like 7 or 8 pretty big wires. Disconnect this connector from the resistor pack and you will probably find a burned wire. If that's the case, you will have to replace the resistor pack and the connector. Both are available from a Chevy dealer.
Q:What is the difference between the excitation winding and armature winding of AC motor?
The field winding is winding excitation magnetic field and armature winding is winding AC output power, DC excitation for synchronous generator, the rotor winding is winding of generator stator winding and armature winding is the generator.
Q:Can you tell me the Watts required by a 230v, 50Hz Single phase AC motor?
The static resistance will bear little relationship to the running load. As the motor speeds up the back-emf builds up too until it opposes the supply so much that it won't go any faster. There's no real way to predict how much power it will draw apart from running it and measuring the current when it's working - but it will be a great deal less than what you'd calculate from a passive resistor. Is there no data-plate anywhere on it?
Q:I want to make an electric go-kart, can I use an AC fan motor and power it with a fisher price battery pack?
no you can't. AC motors all depend on 110 (or 220) AC. they cannot run on DC. they're called induction motors, because the magnetic field is induced in the armature. there are no brushes, and no current is supplied to the armature. the benefit is that they last longer, and don't need to have replaceable parts. so, it's back to your old lawn mower engine. your gas powered lawn mower engine, that is.
Q:AC Compressor Fan Motor?
If you wanted to do something, I would order the OEM motor and have it handy should you need it. OEM motors always last longer and if it goes bad a tech will in most cases use a generic motor. But still no reason to do this, if you have a fan motor and the compressor goes then you are stuck with the fan motor, So I would just stick to make sure it is serviced once or twice a year if you want to spend some money.
Q:why do elec motors ang geysers have high starting current?
ang? motors pumping water have to overcome inertia and flow friction in pipes.
Q:Help my home ac smells like motor degreaser?
Well pull it out of the window and take it outside, because the only way to really clean it it to remove the outer cover and hose off the coils.
Q:differences in ac and dc electricty?
AC Is the air conditioner thingy in your room which gives cool air like you are standing on a beach And I am sure DC is after Washington DC, capital of USA. So a AC motor is used to generate cold breezy like air while DC motor is used to transport people in Washington DC.
Q:what is the difference between a dc servomotor and dc motors and also between ac servomotor and induction moto?
AC means alternate current DC means direct current. DC motors give a continual and standard flow, while AC motors are used in varying current flows. DC motors are self starting, whereas AC motors need effective starting equipment. AC motors work well for hard systems as these need a lot of upfront power. On the other hand, DC motors do not perform that well at producing power over extended periods of time.

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