ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How to control an AC motor.?
You need a gear motor of some sort, preferably a worm drive one, or one with a brake, You don't need the second one, it needs an external gearbox, and with one can probably lift a couple hundred pounds. I'd get one a bit bigger than the first one, which has a worm drive on it, or add a worm drive to that one. To control it, you would use a pair of relays with 10A 120V contacts, and coils appropriate to your control circuit, likely 12V. One relay would power the motor CW, the other CCW, by each applying power to the lead on either side of the run capacitor. For the bigger motor, you would use a 3 phase (preferable interlocking) contactor set. One set of contacts on each section would engage power to the motor, the other two would apply the correct polarity to the start circuit (in relation to the run windings) for the intended direction.
Q:an electric motor draws a current of 11.5a in a 240v circuit. what is the power of this motor in watts?
If its an ac motor, you do not have enough information. You would need to know the power factor or use a power meter to measure the power directly. Also, are you looking for the power taken by the motor or the power given out? They are different. Usually the power will be stamped on the nameplate, this will be output power. Power does NOT equal volts times amps in ac circuits despite how many people try to say it does. It's not half either
Q:How did they convert ac to dc current on electric train transformer when they didnt have transistors then?
You don't need a transistor. You just need a diode. Before they had solid state small diodes they had big chunky ones made of metal plates covered with selenium which had the same one-way-current properties you need to make DC from AC.
Q:Can i use a light dimmer to control Ac motor speed?
It strongly depends upon the type of AC motor. A synchronous motor would require a change in AC frequency to change its speed. (Or a change in its wiring configuration for the number of poles in the windings). A universal motor could use a dimmer to continuously control voltage and adjust its speed to any speed (within reason) .
Q:AC Motor Current Draw?
Hello Sanchez, When electrical energy is given to any motor, the mechanical output is always less than desired. This is because there are always some windage and frictional losses. You will understand from the following description: Motor input in stator can be divided into Stator Copper Iron losses and Rotor input. The rotor input can be further divided into Rotor Copper loss and Mechanical Power developed or Gross Rotor output. This Gross rotor output can be divided into Windage and friction loss and Rotor output or motor output. So in your case, even though the motor electrical resistance is not varying, but due to bad bearings, the windage and friction loss increases tremendously, leading to heating of motor. Since induction motor rotates at high speed, these losses will be very high, will lead to burning of motor, if the bearings are not replaced quickly.
Q:high horsepower 120 volt ac electric motor?
3-phase voltages are usually given as line-line/line-neutral ratings. What you might be talking about is a 208/120V motor. That means that its line-line voltage is 208V (208 = sqrt(3)*120) and the line-neutral (aka - single-phase equivalent) voltage is 120V. The 120V is what normally comes out of your standard residential outlet. If you really had some odd configuration and wanted a 3-phase, 120/69V system, you'd have to get your own power supply; the US standard is 208/120V.
Q:AC>DC output to run 24VDC / 5A motor.?
Dear, Thank you, am also fine like you then dear based on application of precision select drive i.e. scr control drive also used but for variable speed drive else put transformer bridge rectifier without use filtering capacitor by put of current limit resistor suitable for 5a its wattage. Use secondary of transformer is 27v,7.5a
Q:what will happen when ac wil supply to an dc motor?
No matter what happens you won't end up in Washington, DC. However, I've found speaking English is a huge plus on YA so - I'll ask this just once, HUH? You can't supply AC power to a DC motor without a transformer. Most DC motors operate on or around 12 volts and AC in the US is 110V so it will literally burn up in a second.
Q:central ac bearings in fan blower motor?
Blower Motor Bearings
Q:what kind of motor is which when its stoped i cant move the axis with forcing it to move with my hand and...?
Geared motors are like that. Direct drive motors with ultra strong pole magnets have very high starting torques. .

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