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Q:I need help with a physics problem about AC/DC motors in VCRs?
A motor of either type has 2 wires. If an a.c. type motor, it matters not which way round you connect the a.c. supply to the motor: it will always spin the same way. A d.c. motor will reverse its direction of rotation if the wires are switched over.
Q:Which is better, alternating current tubular motor and direct current tubular motor?
The alternator is concerned, it can realize the direct energy feedback to the grid (but must ensure 4 conditions: the same voltage amplitude, phase and phase sequence of the same, the same frequency); but the DC generator power is required to process the alternating current into the inverter (DC said rectifier, the DC the process that converts the AC inverter), to feedback to the grid. So it also needs to increase the power of the inverter.
Q:Which standard rules the data that must be in a AC motor nameplate?
i think of it truly is an argument of tesing the ac/dc motor by potential of turning it on and not using a load and see what's Q (reactive potential) representing the loses. yet in any different case is that in case you comprehend the entire potential S and the lively potential P and Q = S - P.
Q:ac battery pack connected to a motor?
There is no such thing as an AC battery pack. Batteries always work on DC, and no one has yet to invent anything to the contrary. If you want to make an AC supply from a battery bank as a source of energy, this requires a power inverter as an external component. If you use an alternating current energy SUPPLY to operate a motor, it is generally best if you use a motor that is synchronous with the frequency of the AC source. Although it is completely possible to use an asynchronous AC just will be more expensive, and it requires a speed regulator as a separate component. If you try to operate a DC motor off of an AC source, it helps to first understand how a DC motor works. A DC motor has a device called a commutator, that is a fancy switching device, which turns on and off (or which swaps the direction of current) every half rotation of the motor. With the kind that turns on-and-off, you will get a very unsteady operation of the motor, unless it rotates synchronous with the supply. Some current will torque it to spin forward, some current will torque it to spin in reverse...and whichever has the higher duty cycle will win.
Q:my 94 plymouth sundance is not blowing air on ac,heat or defrost changed blower motor still doesn't work?
Did you replace the blower inside the house or the fan on the outside? Check compressor if its running and line is frosting up. If so need freon if not check start capacitor for condensor fan and compressor.
Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
The continuous use of DC motor is short, for example: DC motor in use for 60 minutes, 10 minutes to rest, let the motor off heat, unstable power output, power consumption is based on the weight of the user to decide, but less noise.AC motor used long, can be dozens of hours of continuous use, and the power output is stable, the noise is a little larger.
Q:Overvolting a DC motor?
Assuming it is a 1.0 service factor and the type is a series motor, you would get right at 1/3 more RPM depending on the load. Motors being so different, some like a little high voltage some like low voltage, about the only way to really know the current draw is to measure it. I would not allow it to run anymore than 10% over rated current. Next is the quality of the motor, some AC motors ran off VFDS run at higher speeds than rated, but again current and load will have a huge effect. But back to your extra 12 volts, the internal components are designed to withstand a certain RPM. However some motors are built to the bare minimum design, others are built to withstand some overload. It's a big jump, but again a series DC motor is load controlled, we don't know the load, and only by measuring it will we. I would say it the chances are the motor lasting is going to go down by the amount of the over voltage. I would suggest you use some type of mechanical transmission to increase the wheel speed which is what I assume you are after. Again this creates different loads, so find a DC amp meter so you know where you are at, and mount it on the kart, a volt meter would be nice also.. A larger driver pulley[or gear] on the motor shaft and a smaller driven pulley [or gear} will give you more RPM at the driven pulley. Just like an automobile, there are transmissions to control the RPMS of the engine, at various speeds along with torque at various speeds. If you go to a bearing supply store, they will have a line of variable adjustable pulleys that can be adjusted in or out to increase or decrease the diameter, you might find a device like that very helpful. Direct drive is smoother and dependent again on the motor, would be a great drive train but you are talking a very sophisticated and expensive motor and controller.
Q:What is brushless motor, no and brush what is the difference?
The difference between a brush motor and a brushless motor is whether it is equipped with a conventional brush commutator. The commutation of the brush DC motor is always achieved by touching the graphite brush with the ring commutator mounted on the rotor.The brushless motor will feedback the rotor position back to the control circuit through the Holzer sensor, so that it can learn the accurate time of the motor phase commutation. Most brushless motor manufacturers produce motors with three Holzer effect positioning sensors. Since brushless motor has no brush, it has no relevant interface, so it is cleaner and less noisy. In fact, it needs no maintenance and longer service life.
Q:What are the classifications of AC motors?
According to the different rotor structure, three-phase asynchronous motor can be divided into two major categories, squirrel cage and winding. Among them, squirrel cage is the most widely used.
Q:can a motor that says ac only be powered by a battery?

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