ABB AC Motor HXR500

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:what kind or type of electric motor is used in electric autos.?
I do not know of any electric vehicle that can go farther than 50miles before it needs to be recharged. The big draw back for this mode of transportation is the limited capacity of the batteries. This may be overcome within the next few years.
Q:Use AC Motor and Inverter for electric vehicle?
For normal highway driving of a Chevy s-10 sized truck, you want to be able to make 60 hp continuously.
Q:Can AC motors use direct current?
AC motors use direct current, because the motor will not rotate, it will burn the coil in a short time.
Q:Hw do i control the speed of an AC motor?
Light dimmer works on AC, but its limit is not more than 600W and it could not control AC motor smoothly. Vacuum motor runs on 120V ac power. How could you carry this type of power supply in your bike to power this motor ? To control its speed,either using a 1000 watt variable transformer which is very big and heavy,or an expensive variable frequency power source rated 1000W.
Q:why is a thermostatic trip required in a motor driven by a variable ac speed drive (inverter)?
Most motors have a fan attached to the shaft or fins on the ends of the rotor to move air through the motor or over its outer surface to remove the heat that is generated in the motor. With variable speed operation, the air movement may not be sufficient to keep the motor from overheating if the motor operates for too long a time at too low a speed. Since that can happen even when the load torque is less than or equal to rated torque, an overload relay that monitors the motor current may not be sufficient to protect the motor from overheating. Motors that are specifically designed for variable speed use often have larger fan blades, larger wire in the windings, more surface area exposed to air flow, more and higher quality iron in the core and other features to make the motor more efficient and to improve the cooling. Such motors may not need thermostats. The variable speed control unit can also be designed to monitor the speed vs. time as well as the current to provide electronic protection. Even with these motor and control design features, local regulations may require thermostats. The requirement may or may not be related to the kW rating. The regulations may be more strict for motors used where flammable or explosive materials are present.
Q:What is the difference between an AC generator and an electric motor?
Q:Motor starting mode
Y, reduced voltage startMotor stator winding for delta connection, start with Y, close to the speed of the rated speed to the operation, the startup, reduce the stator winding of each phase to 58% power supply voltage, the starting current is directly at the start of 33%, the starting torque directly at the start of 33. A small startup current, start torque is small.The advantages of Y step-down start is not required to add boot device, a start switch or AC contactor control equipment can be achieved, the drawback is only used for delta connected motor, asynchronous motor can not load start.
Q:How to choose the AC motor?
The motor is nothing more than the source of mechanical power and speed. The speed and power required for the operation of the equipment can be calculated and the model can be selected.
Q:What is an AC/DC motor?
It may be referring to the fact that the motor has AC coils and DC magnets. Not all motors use permanent magnets. They actually have a separate DC source for the magnets.
Q:How heavy is a 20 amp motor and what is it rated at in horsepower?
Motors tend to have nameplates that give you the HP. This will be the output power. You have given an input current but not even mentioned the voltage. With the voltage and current, you could estimate the output if you guess at the efficiency.

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