ABB AC Motor High Low Voltage HXR560

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Q:Can having a different Amp on the AC fan motor trip my circuit?
The motor size increase in itself should not be an issue. .8 amps is minimal on a circuit rated at 30 amps(thats a guess depending on what your actual circuit load is). The disconnect switch on your wall may very well be the culprit. Weak connections can cause over amperage conditions to occur very easily. A bad contactor(the part that energizes and pulls in to turn on the compressor) will cause over amperage and/or voltage imbalance as well if the contacts are severely pitted and/or burned. I suggest powering off the unit at the breaker. Go through all the electrical connections and check for tightness at the lugs. Look for any wiring with broken insulation that could be touching metal intermittently. Take a closer look at the disconnect and look for wiring with melted insulation or fuse holders that are loose or look overheated. (a disconnect can be found at Home Depot). Good luck.
Q:electric car coversion not hybred any experince ?
Q:Blower motor will not work.. blows nothing ac or heat what to do?
If its a chevy, try putting the blower on high with the switch if it works change switch, the low and med always go out first. if not unplug the blower motor (passenger side in firewall) has 3 bolts take them out and slide it out, go to parts store, get a rebuilt one with lifetime warrenty (about 35 bucks) take the squirrell cage fan off the old one put it on new one (just a clip) and a little rubber elbow on the side, put them side to side on the counter, make sure they are the same, and all the parts are on the new one and stick it back in.
Q:Car revs up when ac kicks on and now car is overheating?
I have 2004 Saturn Ion that when it runs idle and the AC is off it seems normal. However when I turn the AC on, and when I hear the AC motor/Compressor start up, the car revs up to about 1500 RPM and then comes back down. Any ideas on what it might be? ANSWER This is normal. The AC take a kick to get it going. The engine compensates for it by giving it a little more horse power. once running it does not take much to keep it going. Second issue started today. The car began to overheat, it almost got to the red gauge then came back down to middle as i was driving. When i got it home, I checked the engine, and the coolant reservoir is full, the oil is good because i recently changed the oil 3 days ago. I let it cool down and started it up again, and it started to climb again, but it did not get all the way to the top, it fluctuated between 3/4 and middle slowly. I noticed that the radiator fan did not kick on once, and i checked the top and bottom hoses running to the radiator. They were both hot. Any ideas? ANSWER All cars do this. It takes the car to heat up to the thermostat temp. before it opens. once opened the car temp comes down to about 175 - 190 degrees. But it does take about 200 - 210 degrees to open the thermostat. You just never noticed it before.
Q:Re wrapping an electric motor?
I don't think so. Going from AC to DC is the hurdle (I'm assuming this is AC). It'd be more work than it's worth. If it's a DC motor then you can run on a lower voltage you just won't get nearly the output power.
Q:Confusion about AC motor?
oh shoot, in accordance to the previous answerer, it particularly is under the hood on the firewall. it particularly is a discomfort interior the butt to alter. right here's a time saving tip which will ward off unneccessary curse words and random wrenches interior the process the windshield of the motor vehicle beside yours: do away with the cradle bolts that connect the decrease subframe to the physique. the two 15mm or 18mm yet have a jack under it so it would not fall too far. this would decrease the engine assembly adequate to do away with the blower motor. next, use a strap or ratcheting tow strap to drag the engine forward AFTER removing THE ENGINE MOUNTS in front of the engine. this would pull the motor forward and the jack can decrease it. after those 2 steps, the blower motor is gravy. with out those steps, you would be bleeding and cursing, certain, i've got been there!
Q:What does it mean by 3 phase, 4-pole electric motor?
Electric Motor Poles
Q:Does over spinning a shaded pole AC motor make it a generator?
Nonsense , AC motor could not generate a drop of AC power no matter how hard you spin it.
Q:can dc current be supplied to an ac motor?
Yes if it is a shunt wound universal motor. These are the type with an armature and carbon brushes. If it is an induction motor then the answer is no.
Q:Is suppression capacitor (Volt AC) can be used as motor starting capacitor?
I wouldn't try it. Capacitors have a maximum ripple current rating. The EMI cap doesn't have as high a rating as an oil filled motor start capacitor.

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