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China main port
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20 m.t.
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2000 m.t./month

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Product Introduction
Calcium silicon alloy is the compound alloy.It is an ideal compound deoxidizer and desulfurizer which can be widely used in the production os steelssuch as high-quality steel,low-carbon steel,stainless steel and special alloys such as nickle base alloy,titanium base alloy.CaSi alloy can also be applied as the heat-raiser for converter steelmaking,the inoculant for for cast iron production and addictive for nodular cast iron production.

1. Product granules: 0-3mm 90%, 10-80mm 90%, 0-220 mesh or customized
2. Packaging: 1MT big bag
3. Samples: can be sent for free
4. MOQ: 5MT
5. Application: steel making, iron casting
6. Advantages:
Low impurities with high performance
Stable reaction and easy operation
Customized specifications are accepted
7. Factory history:
More than 13-year experience
Welcome to visit our factory
8.Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, SGS, CIQ & COA


Chemicial Composition /%

Chemicial Composition /%


Usually 1 MT P.P Bag net each, or according to your request.
Best Quality Factory Suppply Ferro Silicon

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