50kva/40kw super silent Cummins generator set with CE approved (GDC50*S)

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Item specifice:

test load: 25%,50%,75%,100%,110% noise control: below 68db in 7metres fuel tank capacity: 8hours or by your request
painting: powder coating guarantee: 1year or 1000hours continously running Insulation class: H
protection class: IP23 DELIVERY TIME: 20-25DAYS certificate: CE,ISO9001

Product Description:

50kva/40kw  super silent Cummins generator set  with CE approved (GDC50*S)

GenSet Model


Continuous Output

40KW / 50KVA

Engine Brand & Model

Cummins  4BTA3.9G2


Water-cooled, 4-stroke, Natural Engine

No. of cylinder


Bore x Stroke                                         


Engine power                                           


Compression ratio

17.3: 1

Fuel consumption

≤  11.5L/h



Engine speed                                           


noise control

below 70db in 7metres 

Lubricant Capacity


Starting system

D. C. 24V electric start

Cooling way

Positive Water Cooling Cycle

Alternator Brand & Model

GODLIKE  JDG224D 50kva (original stamford optional)





No. of phases




Insulation class


Power factor


Protection Grade



≤ 1000m

Voltage Regulation, Steady State

≤ ± 1%

Control Panel - Standard equipped or LCD digital control module(DSE&SMARTGEN)

8hours Base Fuel Tank & battery included

Options: ATS

50kva/40kw  super silent Cummins generator set  with CE approved (GDC50*S)

50kva/40kw  super silent Cummins generator set  with CE approved (GDC50*S)

50kva/40kw  super silent Cummins generator set  with CE approved (GDC50*S)

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Q:Need help with my portable generator - no power output?
Some have safety fuses or circuit breakers to safeguard Voltage spikes. Check also for a switch which enables the generator once the deisel moter has been started. This link may help as well
Q:Why do i always crap my pants when i find outrageously good deals on tools?
It's your butt having an orgasm! Soo cool huh?
Q:Electric car questions?
You would be losing efficiency each time you transferred energy. Let's say a generator is 50% efficient (that is, half the energy contained in the fuel is transferred), then the electric motor is 50% efficient. Now you are already only getting 25% efficiency from the fuel. You lose efficiency because of various factors including friction and resistance. If you could get 100% efficiency, then you have just invented perpetual motion.
Q:how does Easter Island receive electricity?
Electricity, also widely available, but expensive by world standards, is provided by diesel generators to 220v Chilean standard, using a 2-pin round plug. The USA constructed Hotel Hangaroa maintains its American standard 110v 2-pin flat plug.
Q:Does the diesel generator work with all power or according to load?
Diesel generator is just controlled on output speed by speed governor.once load increases, speed governor senses that and increases throttle. If load is in excess towards DGset max performance, then speed will drop and dg set will be cut off automatically.
Q:I am planning to open a medium size furniture factory in my country Nigeria,, can it be solar powered?
Yes, it can be fully solar. Very power comsuming factories are autonomous. If you dont find how to, if you want e-mail me and i will put you in touch with some companies. For your info, some companies not only are autonomous, they resell power while they dont use it.
Q:want to build an electric generator from an electric motor, how do I do this?
Very simple. You need an electric motor of the same wattage as you need to generate. You will need to spin the motor a little faster than the rated RPM of the motor. (pick your pulleys carefully) Hook a small load up to the motor, spin it, hit it with a jolt of voltage. (try your 12 volt battery)It should start to generate and you can hook up a bigger load to it. Too simple? Try it.
Q:Winter diesel generator should pay attention to what?
general temperature below 5 degrees Celsius, the engine should be added before the start of hot water or steam preheating, to be preheated to more than 30~40 DEG C and then start
Q:Can backup generators be recharged?
Generator is a vague word. Assuming you are using it to mean motor-generator sets which have a gas or diesel engine driving an alternator. No, you can't charge a motor generator set, it runs on gasoline or diesel fuel, you can't convert sunlight or electricity to fuel. But, you can use excess power during the day to charge batteries that can be later used to supply power. Note that battery storage can be expensive, and needs a lot of space and maintenance. .
Q:exact formula for calculating diesel consumption of diesel generator?
There is no exact formula. Each engine is unique and the manufacturer has a fuel consumption chart for each engine. It is usually in BTU's per horsepower hour or the metric equivalent. It all has to do with engine efficiency and fuel heating value. See below:

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