5000 cubic meter large winding on-site FRP tanks

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500 m³
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50000 m³/month
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Item specifice:

din: 4000-25000 dimeter: 4-5

Product Description:

Raw materials:

resin, glass-fiber mat,glass-fiber roving and etc



 light, high strength,excellent high corrosion ,container of acid, alkali, salt



 1)large scale on-site vertical design

2)overall suit equipment and technology imported from U.S. TANK INETICS company

3) reached the international advanced standard of 1990s.

4) heat-cured resin as its main component and glass-fiber as its reinforced-material,

5)adopted double filament mouth to screw-wind and circular-wind with excellent physical property and corrosion resistance,

6)expedient installation and without the need to maintenance,

7)flexible design and rational wall structure.


Products advantages:

1.No need  to transportation,easy installation and the low maintenance fees.

2.The maximum winding diameter can reach 25m with maximal 5000m³ volume.

3.Adopting double filament mouths to wind,which can achieve screw crossed winding.this has changed the traditional concept that FRP pipe and tank only belong to layer-joint structure,and solved the low axes strength disadvantage of horizontal- setting winding machines,improved whole capabilities of tanks.

4. FRP tanks' materials have improved interlaminar shear strengths,bend strengths,creep resistance,wind-resistant ability and shaking-resistant capability.


Diameter: 4m-25m, Capacity: 100m³-5000m³

5000 cubic meter large winding on-site FRP tanks

5000 cubic meter large winding on-site FRP tanks

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Q:How about the price of FRP tank for hydrochloric acid?
Glass flower hydrochloric acid tank price is based on raw materials, many materials and artificial resin to count, each product are custom designed separately, you want a specific price is not realistic.
Q:Why should the hydrochloric acid storage tank be lined?
If it is a storage canister hydrochloride by PP, PE, and easy fabrication, such as large volume tank; glass steel is the best choice!The lined storage tank is really unnecessary and the price is high, unless a little (you need a pressure tank)
Q:Can FRP tanks be used as food storage?
Can you store the food and see what the material is made of, and if it has been certified by the health department, it will be able to store the food.
Q:What kind of material can be used to store the dilute hydrochloric acid containing toluene?
What kind of material can be used to store the dilute hydrochloric acid containing toluene?
Q:Why leakage occurs during the use of FRP tanks?
In general, there may be two possibilities, namely, bad production and nonstandard use
Q:Does anyone know the wall thickness of 10m3 FRP tanks?
1m3's no more than 10MM, and others I'd like to know.
Q:Glass fiber (resin) storage tank for hydrochloric acid, how many years of service, please list the basis, thank you!
According to the use of resin and hydrochloric acid concentration and temperature are different, 30% concentration 100 DEG C can be used for a long time, more than 25 years
Q:20 cubic meter FRP double deck tank price
70 thousand, fiberglass tanks and steel cladding tanks are quite different.
Q:What are the characteristics of FRP softened water tank?
1, beautiful appearance, beautiful.2, the water quality is good, there is no two pollution.3. The inner part of the water tank is provided with tension bars to solve the pressure problem of the super capacity water tank.
Q:In order to compare the fast inspection, the FRP storage tank is leaking
FRP tanks are a kind of industrial products in the new period. Their main characteristics are high wear resistance and high temperature resistanceIs its shortcoming is the hardness is not enough, easy to break, so in storage, must pay attention to safety, below, let me introduce the FRP tank safety storage requirements.

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