2G GSM900 Single Band Mobile Signal Car Booster Amplifier Repeater Full Kits

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Product Description:

· Outside antenna has magnetic feature to mount on the roof of vehicle

· Outside antenna distance should be at least 5 feet from inside antenna

· Recommended to mount outside antenna near rear end of the roof


Wireless Car Booster don’t need the mobile phone to be connected, it would amplify and send

the signals wirelessly inside the covered areas, therefore people can move around to make a phone call,

though they are limited to a 1-3meter radius

1. For Car Use.
2. Frequency bandwidth of 2100MHZ.
4. Full-duplex mode (improvement of out coming and incoming )signal.
5. Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
6. Mini Size and Good Looking.
7. Compatibility with CE and RoHS standards .


Electrical specification



Frequency Range( MHz)






Band flatnessdB



Output PowerdBm





Group delay(uS


Noise figure(dB)

≤3.5           /        

spurious emission





Working tempreture()


Connector type

□SMA        □N          

Working voltage







1. Booster unit.

2.  External Dual Band Magnetic-Mount Antenna                                      

3. Internal Whip Antenna

4.  12V Car cigarette lighter DC power supply

Warranty & Return Policy:

Warranty covers replacement within 12 months.

2. All returns must have an RMA number before they are returned to us. If product is received without an RMA number
it will not be processed.

3. You must place the item(s) including all accessories to be returned in protective packaging (shipping box) with bubble
wrap and make sure that the item(s) do not shake or rattle. Items that are sent in envelopes and incorrect shipping
containers will be refused and returned at your expense.

4. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.

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Q:WiFi repeater setting issues
That explains the connection between your repeater and the wireless router. Reconfigure the repeater and router's wireless bridging.
Q:The biggest difference between digital repeater station and optical analog repeater
The main difference between digital repeater and analog repeater is in the intermediate processing and relay links. Digital processing methods, digital intermediate frequency and digital filtering technology are adopted. The analog repeater of optical fiber is an analog repeater with optical fiber relay, and the modulated light signal is transmitted in the optical fiber after the analog to intermediate frequency signal passes through the electro optical conversion.
Q:M wireless routing repeater USD hole how to adjust the transmit signal
The input router management IP, log into the background into the wireless settings, all the settings must be guaranteed and the same set of relay routers; check the "open WDS", SSID and BSSID wireless router to input bridging (MAC address);
Q:What are the current situations for repeaters, hubs, modems, network cards, bridges, switches, routers, gateways to build networks?
You asked all right.. First, the individual role. 1, under the condition of online distance relay, provide signal amplification. In order to reach further distances. 2, hubs and switches belong to the same category, that is, a cable comes in. Divide a lot of net lines (straight enough),
Q:What is the wi-fire Wi-Fi network signal repeater (enhancer)? Can the WiFi signal be increased?
For example, your router is in the living room, and your bedroom has only one signal, so you can put a repeater between your bedroom and your living room, and your bedroom signal will become stronger! My home has bought a key because of the repeater, very easy to use!
Q:The relay mode of the WiFi router is to send on the side of the receiver
The router antenna is not the more the better, not greedy big power, signal router in 2-3GHZ, which belongs to the ultra high frequency electromagnetic radiation source is typical, the signal is too strong to increase the speed of Internet access without any promotion (the Internet depends mainly on broadband lines export bandwidth, rather than the router, but the impact of health bandwidth).
Q:How can wireless AP (trunking) be used to connect wireless routers that shut down SSID broadcasts?
Either switch on the radio or use the cable. So far the repeaters on the market are like this!
Q:Where is the difference between a wireless repeater and a signal amplifier?
Yes, of course. The relay is to receive the signal of a wireless router and then share it, so that the signal of the original wireless router will be extended by relay, and the other signal will be transmitted directionally.
Q:What does the subway rep repeater mean?
The function repeater (Repeater) works at the physical layer of OSI, the center of all nodes on the LAN. Its function is to amplify the signal, compensate the signal attenuation, and support long distance communication.The advantage extends the communication distance, but the cost is to increase some storage and forwarding delay.
Q:Who used the WiFi repeater? Is it easy to use?
In fact, if you are using a new wireless router, you can try and buy a wireless router to bridge, WiFi repeater function and it almost ah.

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