250kva/200kw cummins soundproof generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

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Item specifice:

test load: 25%,50%,75%,100%,110% painting: powder coating noise control for silent: below 75 db in 7 metres
protection class: IP23 certificate: CE,ISO9001 delivery time: 25-30 days
insulation class: H fuel tank capacity: 8hours or by your request

Product Description:

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

Datasheet for 250kva&200kw cummins slient generator set 

GenSet ModelGDC250*S
Continuous Output200KW / 250KVA
Engine Brand & ModelCummins 6LTAA8.9-G2
TypeWater-cooled, 4-stroke, Natural Engine
No. of cylinder6
Bore x Stroke                                         114x145mm
Engine power                                           220kw
Compression ratio17.3: 1
Fuel consumption≤ 207g/kw. h
Displacement                                           8.9L
Engine speed                                           1500rpm

Lubricant Capacity28L

Starting systemD. C. 24V electric start
Cooling wayPositive Water Cooling Cycle
Alternator Brand & ModelGODLIKE  JDG274K(prime power 250kva)(original stamford alternator optional )
Frequency                                                     50HZ
Voltage                                                             380/220V
No. of phases3
Insulation classH
Power factor0.8
Protection GradeIP23
Noise control ≤75db in 7 metres 
Voltage Regulation, Steady State≤ ± 1%
Control Panel - Standard equipped or LCD digital control module(DSE&SMARTGEN)
8hours Base Fuel Tank & battery included
Options: ATS


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250kva/200kw  cummins soundproof  generator with enclosure (GDC250*S)

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Q:I have two deisel engines and two tank feeds, how can I connect the genset (4KVA) . I am conerned when the engines are idling or even running they will start the genset. I do not want to put an extra tank.Thank you
If your tank has another port on it for a fuel line that is where you hook up. If not go to the supply line at the tank and put in a T fitting and then a shut off valve for each engine. Run the supply line to the generator from that T. You will also need a return line from the generator that you can T into at the return line from the engine at the tank. Many people that convert from gas to diesels run into these same problems. Often a fitting is made up that is put in the fuel fill line to allow for the return line. The generator supply and return lines will be smaller then the engine fuel lines. Running the engines will not cause the generator to start.
Q:I live in southern Indiana, and am currently living through an awesome ice storm. Anyway, my parents bought a diesel powered portable generator. It is hooked into the main panel of the house. When you crank it up and turn the lights in the house on, they flicker, as does the TV screen. It has proper voltage on each leg of the 240. I brought my generator over and everything works fine. Any ideas?
The generator would seem to be working above its recommended constant or optimum load. It could be too small for the demands it could be of lower quality it could be a defect it could be a dirty carburetor or injection system it could be dirty fuel or or ice in the fuel lines. All the things that can make your car run badly can also happen to generators. Most people install them and forget about them till an emergency without good preventative maintenance sometimes they fail when you need them most.
Q:Design the logic circuit for starting an emergency diesel generator. For the generator to start, the generator must be disconnected from the bus, there must be sufficient start air pressure, and the fuel tank must indicate there is oil. When these conditions are met, then the diesel may be started. Presume there are senors to determine these values.
This is just an and gate function. When the outputs of all the sensors are true and a start command is present, the output of the gate will go high to allow the engine to start.
Q:For over a year, about once a month I start this Jeep and run it about 10 minutes. Zero problems until yesterday. It has fresh gasoline just added, cranks over fine, has spark (I have a spark tester) but will not 'pop' over. Upon closer inspection I see it has at least 6 Bosch type relays under the hood and know if one sticks something will not turn on. Any idea's where to start troubleshooting?(I am a retired US Navy diesel generator mechanic).
Q:I need help on finding information on my essay. The subject is Japan's earthquake effects on nuclear power plants ! Please atleast give me a website I'm totally stumped !
Q:A. Chernobyl, UkraineB. Middletown, PennsylvaniaC. Ottawa, Canada
Date and Time: The Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred on Saturday, April 26, 1986, at 1:23:58 a.m. local time. Location: The V.I. Lenin Memorial Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station was located in Ukraine, near the town of Pripyat, which had been built to house power station employees and their families. The power station was in a wooded, marshy area near the Ukraine-Belarus border, approximately 18 kilometers northwest of the city of Chernobyl and 100 km north of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Accident: On April 26, 1986, the operating crew planned to test whether the Reactor No. 4 turbines could produce enough energy to keep the coolant pumps running until the emergency diesel generator was activated in case of an external power loss. During the test, power surged unexpectedly, causing an explosion and driving temperatures in the reactor to more than 2,000 degrees Celsius—melting the fuel rods, igniting the reactor’s graphite covering, and releasing a cloud of radiation into the atmosphere. Causes: The precise causes of the accident are still uncertain, but it is generally believed that the series of incidents that led to the explosion, fire and nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl was caused by a combination of reactor design flaws and operator error. Number of Deaths: By mid-2005, fewer than 60 deaths could be linked directly to Chernobyl—mostly workers who were exposed to massive radiation during the accident or children who developed thyroid cancer. Estimates of the eventual death toll from Chernobyl vary widely. A 2005 report by the Chernobyl Forum—eight U.N. organizations—estimated the accident eventually would cause about 4,000 deaths. Greenpeace places the figure at 93,000 deaths, based on information from the Belarus National Academy of Sciences.
Q:I have noticed that our kilowatthour meter reads backwards when I use some electrical appliances, please explain why. plgperera.
are you sure u dont have a diesel generator that sells el. energy back to the grid? jk Is this first time you look at the meter? If so take a look again, should be ok.
Q:has there been any long term tests on the effects on the engine from running it on hydrogen produced from a hydrogen generator and your ordinary gasoline/Diesel?also has anyone attempted to hook a hydrogen/H2O/Brown's gas generator up to a actual diesel generator like wisperwatt or any kind of diesel generator?any help would be great thanks!
you can win $1,000,000 if you can get one to work. There is a site that has the money waiting for you, have at. personally I'm getting tired of scammers that post questions pretending to be curious, but they in fact are trying to perpetuate the scam. Go out a do serious research from real places, not just testimonials which are lies from fictitious people.
Q:I live what i consider near a nuclear generating station in NJ.The site is Toms River Nuclear Generating Station, how would a melt down effect Rahway,NJ or the surrounding areas in general? How wide would the radius be? Or how much damage would be expected? Not stupid answers and no, You don't live in the ring of fire b.s. so don't worry about a tidal wave. Im questioning the unknown and the unexpected.
The answer depends entirely on the kind of accident or incident. It is not possible to predict without the hypothetical accident type, since not all accidents result in a core meltdown, and there are different ways for the core to end up in melt down situation. The danger zone also depends a great deal on the wind and weather conditions at the time and immediately afterwards. Obviously, if the wind is blowing from your location toward the plant, then there is less likelihood that you will be contaminated.
Q:i want to buy a generator for our company i want to know how to calculate current for 1000kva capacity generator. and also want to know control and protection are required for the same generator please explain.
Depends on the use of the generator. Power and current are related. Divide the rated power of the generator( I assume is diesel driven) by the voltage of the area where you operate (Europe is 240) so 1000000 VA: 2404,166 ampere in the most favourable conditions (Power factor 1) usually the current value is multiplied by .7(Minimum Power Factor acceptable) which will give you a maximum continuous current of circa 3500 ampere. If you are using the generator for emergency you require an automatic starting system and a priority circuit together the standard protection panel which include: 1 Over and Under voltage protection 2 Over and Under frequency protection 3 Phase sequence 4 Overload. Most of these panels have other functions as well. If you require more information than what I have written, I suggest you look at some of the leaflets provided by manufactures

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