17'' Tall 8'x2' Metal Modular Raised Garden Bed Kit(9 in 1)

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The 17" 9 in 1 Metal Garden Bed is the most popular garden bed in 2022. It reduces the loss of nutrients in the soil and reduces the workload of the grower. It can be assembled in 30 minutes. Its smooth panels and lovely colors make your garden more beautiful. Non-toxic, Harmless and Maintenance-free.

9 Shape Sizes:

17 in. H x 8 ft.Lx 2 ft.W

17 in. H x 5 ft.Lx 5 ft.W

17 in. H x 6.5 ft.Lx 3.5 ft.W

17 in. H x 6.5 ft.Lx 2 ft.W

17 in. H x 5 ft.Lx 3.5 ft.W

17 in. H x 5 ft.Lx 2 ft.W

17 in. H x 3.5 ft.Lx3.5 ft.W

17 in. H x 3.5 ft.Lx2 ft.W

17 in.H x 2 ft.L x 2 ft.L 

Check out the catalog for more styles to suit your needs!

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