• Rolling Wheeled Firewood Log Cart Portable Log Rack System 1
  • Rolling Wheeled Firewood Log Cart Portable Log Rack System 2
Rolling Wheeled Firewood Log Cart Portable Log Rack

Rolling Wheeled Firewood Log Cart Portable Log Rack

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Rolling log cart is designed to easily move firewood and saves a lot of work carrying firewood in. Made of strong tubular steel for optimal durability and support. The surface painting treatment effectively prevents rust.


The firewood log cart can hold about 220lbs and 1/8 face-cord of wood. U-shaped structure can hold a lot of firewood and save space. 42 inches tall with handlebar helps to move lumber into the house without breaking your backs


10” pneumatic rubber wheels allow for extra comfort as you move and move a large load of wood. Compared with solid tires, ours are more stable. And easy to control in rugged terrain.


Wood dolly has a simple structure and easy to assembly, only takes less than 10 minutes.


Weight :16.2lbs/7.35Kg

Package size: 23 X 27 X 3inches/58.5*68.5*7.6CM

Materials: steel

Color: Green、Black


Space between:13inches/33CM

Wheel size diameter:10inches/25.4CM


Capacity: 1/8 cord of wood

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