All kinds of out door garden hanging rattan chair

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White out door garden hanging rattan chair



1.excellent handweaving technique with fashion design.
2.suitble for indoors and outdoors.
3.we are a professional factory in outdoor furnitures.
4.we can produce the products that customers advise.
5.nice third dimension, this is reason why many customer like it.
6.good toughness, fit for the change of temperature, so not easy broken.
7.uniformity, the size of head and foot part is almost same, so the line of furniture is nice looking.
8.good weather resistance,and long service life.3 years of guarantee. 


Our production line includes:

1) Outdoor furniture: Rattan / Text. / Wooden / Plastic & Resin Outdoor Furniture, Swing Seater, Awning & Gazebo, Patio Umbrella & Base, Park Bench , Outdoor living Items, etc.
2) Camping items: Camping Tent, Sleeping Bag, Picnic Accessories, Camping Chair, Hammocks, BBQ & Grilling, etc
3) Beach Items: Beach Umbrella, Body Boards, Beach Tent, Beach Chair, Beach Rackets, Beach Mat, Beach Toys, etc.
4) Welcome OEM.
5) Warranty:one-year-limited.



Our Service:

--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request


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