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1.Syntec control system
2.9.0kw ai cooling spindle
3.Janpan Servo motor
4.Taiwan Hinwin rail
5.Vacuum table

Professional muti-function cnc engraving machine 1325


Main technical parameter

 It can be used in carving on waved board, furniture door, arts door, paint free door, screen door and kinds of furniture.

Machine Size            

Work Envelope      

Repositioning Resolution  


Power Of Spindle      

Spindle Speed     


Max.Cutting Speed  

Bridge Clearance     

Control System

Working Voltage     

Command Code 










SYNTEC control system




Machinery Characteristics:

Stable Structure: Square steel formed frame, stable and can not be deformed.

Perfect Parts: Imported Taiwan control system;AMT Line guide rail maid in Taiwan, due-row, four line ball slider, heavy loading and steady proceeding, German made ball lead screw with accurate cutting, Japan Servo Control system

Italy spindle motors.

Good parts: The drive is more powerful: the use of well-known brands stepper motor,

 become more powerful

Armless automatic tool change system;magazine capacity 8(optional)

High adhesion vacuum suction device;Displacement up to 230 cubic meters / hour

Open software interface,.Excellent compatibility compatible of TYP3/ARTCAM/CASTMATE/WEITAI and other CAD/CAM design  software Ensure that the design no problem.


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Q:How should the cutters of the engraving machine be distinguished?
Flat knife is woodworking engraving machine most commonly used tool, can process PVC, acrylic, wood, nonferrous metals and so on.
Q:How much is the woodworking machine with four heads?
According to your needs, I recommend woodworking engraving machine, rotating axis, so that you can do plane engraving, you can also do three-dimensional sculpture!
Q:CNC woodworking engraving machine to do the flat door, how to lift the corner?
This should be based on the size of your tool to set up 3D angle carved software can achieve this function
Q:What are the commonly used transmission parts for woodworking engraving machines?
Kyoho engraving machine experts believe that according to the gear tooth profile curve can be divided into involute gear, arc gear and cycloid gear.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine why back to origin Z axis limit alarm?
You may be returning to the origin of the workpiece. ReasonZ axis misalignment, the origin of your workpiece in the dislocation, it should be higher than the Z axis of the highest point
Q:1325-2 weight and handling method of woodworking engraving machine
The installation of Thailand, carving and other mapping software - selected graphics - according to the set size selection tool -- Nc -- tool path selection of machining methods (carved ENG format conversion)
Q:Woodworking engraving machine how to engrave three-dimensional characters (the word is curved inside the deepest)
It's a cone shaped knife, carved with a three dimensional path
Q:woodworking computer engraving machine, how can you figure?
1.: when the load has to suspend processing files, if the system is in the idle state, press this button, the system starts running processing procedures; if the system has been in the processing state, press this button, the system to suspend processing.2. stop: stop the current operation. If the system is in the processing state, press this button to stop processing; if the system is in a floating tool state, press this button to stop the floating tool3. breakpoint continues: if the system is in the processing pause state, press this key, the system starts processing at the breakpoint
Q:Woodworking engraving machine Y axis slider how to unload, I do not understand the engraving machine, please ask myself can be unloaded, replaced with new, do not ask prawns are more pointing
There's a problem with the diagonals,Change the slider should not be a problem, as long as the old demolition, and replaced with new onesIf you are in the Wuxi area, you can contact us, contact information, I have information inside
Q:Engraving machine characters, how to set the path layered?
Third, in woodworking engraving machine tool selection below, there is a "multi Z axis cutting", remember to layered when you want to choose the back of the check box. Input woodworking engraving machine carved in the first layer to the depth of the first path is the height of the Z axis, numerical value is negative; the last path of the Z axis height of wood engraving machine input total depth can be negative value. The rest of the setting is the same as engraving without layering.Of course, after all the settings, we can also simulate the tool path, and then we can see that the generated path is layered. Finally, the good path is introduced into the control system of woodworking engraving machine, and then layered engraving can be done.

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