100%cotton Wholesale Printed Style Scatter Cushion for Cotton Linen

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100%cotton Wholesale Printed Style Scatter Cushion for Cotton Linen

1.Itemfloor cushion seating sofa
2.Composition100% polyester
3.Size:40*40cm,45*45cm,40*80cm,50*50cm,50"*60"cm,60*60cm, customized
4.Weight:GW:22kgs NW:21kgs
5.Colour:Black, blue, orange, brown, green
6.Certificate:ISO9001, OEKO-TEX 100
7.Quanlity:Strict quality control system of IQC,IPQC,FQC
8.Spec:Usually 288F
9.Market:All over the world
10.Logo:Print, embroidery or jacquard
14.Use:Cushion cover ,sofa cover ,yoga cushion cover and so on
15.Design:Personalized design
16.Cabinet20'FCLAbout 5500pcs
17.Cabinet40'FCLAbout 10000pcs
18.Cabinet40'HQAbout 16000pcs
20.Loading port:Shenzhen or Shanghai

Available Options:

100%cotton Wholesale Printed Style Scatter Cushion for Cotton Linen

1.Material:Fabric as your choice
2.Color:Any colours
3.Logo:make with your logo
4.Quanlity:Luxury quality, AZO Free and low Cadmium
5.Design:Over 1000 designs for you to chose, or as yours
6.Sample:Free sample
7.Certificate:Formaldehyde, tested by SGS, Meet EU Standard
8.FeatureSoft touch, durable, absorbency, AZO-free, color fastness
9.OEMOEM is available
10.Details:Talk by mail
11.Inspection:Be strict on quality control
12.Delivery Times:delivery on time

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100%cotton Wholesale Printed Style Scatter Cushion for Cotton Linen

1. Inquiry-Professional quotation.
2. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.
3. Please pay the deposit after recieve our Proforma Invoice
4. Pay 30% deposit, 70% balance against the BL copy
5. Will arange to production after approval the PP samples
6. Delivery time depends on after confirm all details
7. Can arrange inspection as your request
8. Clients make payment for balance before ship the goods.
9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them
10. Feedback to us about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. We can better



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Q:Ask, what is the difference between cushion and seat cushion?
In addition, the seat is the verb and the seat is the place. It can also be distinguished from the words: the cushion is not fixed, and the cushion is easy to move. The cushion is a fixed cushion, usually with laces for fixing.
Q:Car seat and car seat cover is not what is the difference between a better car seat
Car seat cover, as the name suggests, is the car seat completely wrapped up, some people also called car seat bag. General type car and car custom car seat cover. Car universal is the selection of elastic fabrics, can be in any type of car seat covers, usually do not stick, use soon after severe deformation. But this kind of seat price is relatively cheap, also set up some simple. Custom car car seat cover, seat size is in accordance with the different models to custom, but can be a good fit car seat, use is not easy deformation, can choose the style and fabric is also relatively more.
Q:What is the difference between massage cushion and massage chair? Which massage is better? Thank you
Helpful。 Introduce a section to understand. SofferThis brand of massage pad, Soffer massage cushion is based on traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and modern electronic technology design, in the human meridian concentrated neck, back and waist, legs set motor vibration system, controlled by the microcomputer control system, simulation of 5 kinds of massage in traditional massage manipulation: kneading, beating, play Acupressure method, rolling method, scraping method, repeated on the human body back waist etc. beneficial stimulation, the meridian point local hyperemia, increase blood circulation, relieve fatigue
Q:Sit for a long time what harm does tourmaline cushion
Improve the acidic constitution and treat the sub-health state of the urban population. It has a good effect on sleep and neurastheniaIn my opinion, the ten functions written in a commercial, think, after all, is a commercial, understandable, but as the final consumers do not trust too much, like zinc gluconate on TV advertising look like, really have zinc deficiency zinc sulfate (open hospital). This can only serve as a means of assistance. I summed up the 5 scientific effect:1, with a strong row of experience, feeling, compared to the light wave room has a comfortable temperature, has a good aroma.2, with good psychological, physical pressure release.3, accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism, has some fat, enhance skin metabolism has whitening effect.4, with good psychological hints, seek some diseases and therefore self-healing.5, perspiration promotes the hair follicle metabolism function, has the certain function except to the skin peculiar smell.But there are five reasons, on the worth of steam, businesses in order to promote sometimes blowing too big, a cure and beauty slimming is not scientific, as users we want to keep a clear head
Q:Is there any model for the seat cushion?
Hello, the seat cushion is not model. You can find a better car decoration shop or car wash shop, you can order, what kind of car, there are special car
Q:What about the peculiar smell of car linen cushion?
If it is a sticky odor later, it means that it needs cleaning. The cleaning method is as follows:1, if not dirty, but usually get a little dirt, get a little warm water with dry with a clean towel with water after cleaning;2, if the area is relatively large, washing and dry cleaning can be. Of course, the best way is dry, there will be a certain degree of shrink after washing, and after washing will be wrinkled.3, washing, first at the temperature 30 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, wash hands do not wring, dry naturally after leveling, also cannot use the washing machine, up to 80%, the best time to high temperature ironing, this will be more smooth (of course, if not also can be pressed, the). Also need to pay attention to is: when washing, don't brush hard, or linen cushion will be raised, pattern color will fade.4, dry cleaning is recommended to the professional car wash shop or car beauty shop.
Q:Polyurethane sponge cushion Guaiwei poisonous
The odor produced by the free isocyanate monomer. The preparation of the main raw materials of polyurethane isocyanate, characteristics of the monomer has a low boiling point and high vapor pressure, easy to evaporate into the air causing air pollution, harm to human body. A lot of polyurethane products contain free isocyanate monomer, will slowly release in the process of using day after it.
Q:What is the filling of a pillow or cushion?
Filling pillow in the market there are many, including Chinese herbal medicines such as cereals such as cassia; buckwheat, cotton; there will be waste filling materials such as tea, in addition to sponge pillow. Then there's the recently heated latex pillow.
Q:How to disassemble the new Teana rear seat?
The back seat of the Teana can not be placed on the backThe rear end of the car has a small plastic film on the ceiling. It connects to a small wire and, when it is pulled, the trunk opens.This part of the sounds of nature is in the middle of the rear box ceiling.
Q:How to wash wool cushion?
Wool cushion can be washed in water to wet toilet cushion, and then put the washing powder with the brush in the brush cushions on the repeated several times, the foam completely clean in clear water, in the water cushion put dry control on a small stool on a plastic, put it out to dry in the the best, not in the sun. So the wool cushion is just as clean as the new one.

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