10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale

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Item specifice:

Warranty: 15 Months Condition: New Application: Pipe
Certification: ISO9001:2008 Name: 10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale Product Type: FRPMachinery
Color: Any color Plastic Process: PE Material: Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Brand Name: CMAX

Product Description:

10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale 

Product Description:

The machine is manufactureing stainless steel industrial pipes/tubes which are widely appliacated in mechancal

structure, construction medical use, refrigeration, foods and beverage handling, heating elements, heat exchanger,

drilling and explortation platforms, aerospace and nuclear industries, etc.

Our pipe making machine can produce various of materials , Such as Stainless steel, Galvanize steel , Carbon steel,

Aluminium,Copper , Iron materials etc. 

Also can make round/ square /rectangle pipe shape. The pipe can application for Decorative, Furniture, Constuction,

Oil and Gas industrial Auto Parts etc.

Product Features:

1)Used composite material to winding pipe for energy transport, industrial water and irrigation system,

2)The machine high automatic and PLC control,

3)Production speed high, raw material utilization high and cost low,

4)Adopts continuous winding technology and own mechanical patant of invention,

5)Good working condition and stable performance,

6)Stable pipe quality and easy connection of sleeve coupler.

Product Parameter:


10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale











Product Type

FRP Machinery





Raw material

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Place of Origin

Hebei, China (Mainland)


Any Color


15 Months

Time of Delivery

20-45 days

Product Pictures:

10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale

10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale

10 Inch Diameter Carbon Steel Rectangular FRP Pipe Making Machine on Hot Sale

Our Services:

1.Warranty period: 15 months

2. Spare parts: Non-artificial damage parts, during warranty period, can be provided free of charge

3. Testing and debugging: Every machine will be tested and debugged before shipment

4. Training and maintaining: Sending our engineer to your factory or sending your machine operator to our factory


1.How can you ensure your quality?

First, welcome to visit us. After your vision in our company , envionment and work team, you can judge by yourself.

Second, according to your request, we can provide the same sample for you to confirm.

Third, We have inspectional department.

2. Can we visit your company?

Welcome. We hope you and your team come to our company.

3.Can you provide sample ?                           

Yes, we can provide sample and it's free. You only charge the freight fee, and we will return the freight fee if you set

the order.

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