032 Cells PVC Nursery Seedling Plug Tray

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3000 pc
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2000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Specification of Plug Trays HIPS Made Plastic Plug Tray  for Greenhouse (Growing and Seedling):

032 Cells PVC Nursery Seedling Plug Tray


Features of Plug Trays HIPS Made Plastic Plug Tray  for Greenhouse (Growing and Seedling):

 ·         Material:      HIPS

·         Thickness:  0.5mm-1.5mm, Standard:1mm

·         Weight:       80g(±5)g-230g(±5)g, Standard weight:155g(±5)g

·         Size:            length:490mm-540mm, width:190mm-345mm,depth:25mm-150mm

·                             Standard:540mmX280mm

·         Cell count:  18-512

·         Package:     In Carton

·         Warrenty:    8-10 times


Packaging & Delivery

Packing Detail: export standard carton or large bags

Delivery time: 4 million per momth after receipt of deposit



Waterproof, UV-resistant, extrusion-resistant

Easy carry for young seeding plant and grow




1. Quick, efficient and professional response within 24 hours, 14 hours online services

 2. 10 years manufacturing and exporting experience in agriculture field.

 3. Technical support and solution by chief engineer.

 4. Strict quality control system & team, high reputation in the market.

 5. Full range of irrigation products for choice

 6. OEM/ODM services

 7. Accept sample order before Mass Order



Picture of Plug Trays HIPS Made Plastic Plug Tray  for Greenhouse (Growing and Seedling):


032 Cells PVC Nursery Seedling Plug Tray

032 Cells PVC Nursery Seedling Plug Tray



FAQ of Plug Trays HIPS Made Plastic Plug Tray  for Greenhouse (Growing and Seedling):

Q: 1.How long is the production time?

A: Usually one to two weeks.


Q: 2.How is the seed tray being packaged?

A: They can be packaged in carton or pallets. Carton size is 1375px*725px*1250px.


Q:3.How many times can the seed tray be used?

A: Under the same environment, it is decided by the thickness. Usually 0.6mm thickness can be used for 1 or 2 times.

1.0 thickness can be used for 3-4 times. 1.5 thickness can be used for 8-10 times.






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