ZHNSMC-07P Neck Support Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Surface and Trapezoid Backrest

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ZHNSMC-07P Neck Support Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Surface and Trapezoid Backrest


We are professional manufacturer of Office Chair and Public Waiting chair with more than 10 years experience, we can supply mesh and PU leather office char, mesh and swivel office chair, steel public waiting chair, aluminum alloy public waiting chair and stainless steel public waiting chair.


Following with the rapid development of market, we are updating our types of different chairs continuously in order to catch requirement of customers. Until now ZH chair has been exported to different areas of the world. We strictly insist on “quality and customer is the first”. With the great honor, we sincerely wish to have opportunity to build mutual benefit cooperation with you.



1.360 degree swivel function.

2.High quality luxury PU leather with recycling .
3. Lumbar support . 
4. soft design

5.Good durability with breath ability.

6.Easily cleaned.

7.Strong 5 castor-wheel base.

8.stable structure 


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component






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ZHNSMC-07P Neck Support Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Surface and Trapezoid Backrest

ZHNSMC-07P Neck Support Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Surface and Trapezoid Backrest

ZHNSMC-07P Neck Support Swivel Office Chair with Mesh Surface and Trapezoid Backrest


1.       Are you free for samples?

I am sorry, we could not provide you a free sample, but what you need pay is just cost of product. And we can help you to arrange delivery by TNT or DHL with discounted delivery charge.

2.       What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 30pcs for stocked chair and 50pcs for customized order.

3.       How long will it take to be ready for shipment of my order?

Generally, delivery time is around 15 days, but it also depends on your order quantity.

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