yuchai YC135-8 13.5 ton excavator.

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yuchai YC135-8 13.5 ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm8285

BMax. Dumping Heightmm5900

CMax. Digging Depthmm5245

DMax. Digging Radiusmm8050

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm7920

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm4110

FMin. Digging ForcekN84.9


 Operating Weightkg13300

 Standard Bucket Capacity0.52


 Power of Enginekw/rpm82/2200 | 86/2200

AMachine Lengthmm7745

BMachine Heightmm2713

COverall Widthmm2600

DCrawler Widthmm600

FCrawler Lengthmm2950


HMin. Ground Clearancemm438

IOverall Heightmm2860

JWidth of Platformmm2090

KHeight of Engine Hoodmm2410

LHeight from Floor to Platformmm815

 Width of Bucketmm910

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h4.6

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm11

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Oriented by mast, divided into friction rod and lock rod.

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Q:How to solve the earthwork combined output of these 3 equipment in cubic meter per hour?
40 cubic meters per hour only. Even the loader and the dump truck can potentially carry and work more, they're still dependent on the output of the excavator.
Q:how will I test solenoids or defects?
Apply 12VDC (or the normal operating voltage) directly to the solenoid. It should click (aka, engage) with voltage applied. No clickie means no workie.
Q:Which excavator is China's first rank?
If that is the joint venture brand sales, and sales of Komatsu Doosan is the best of the two, for domestic brands, 31 sales of the highest first joint venture brands: Caterpillar America brand, old brand, independent production. (CAT) advantages: adequate strength, durability, strength, and not bad. Disadvantages: high price, high fuel consumption, short arm, small work range. Especially mine type models, large fuel consumption, after-sales service in general. 20T model: reference price: CAT320DGC 97-100W 320D 110-115W Komatsu: Japanese brand, excavator industry leader, the total cost-effective, independent production. (KOMATSU) advantages: better strength, strong and durable, low fuel consumption, hydraulic pressure is its strong point, the overall coordination is good, the speed is very fast, not easy to bad, good hedge, used car good shot. Disadvantages: high prices, accessories expensive. (Note: because of the domestic market share is very high, deputy plant parts, so it is relatively cheap) 20t models: PC200-8 97-100W PC200-8 hybrid reference price (earth preferred fuel consumption is 30% less than the average car) 110-118W Hitachi: Japanese brands, excavator sales are also very large, generally also can be assembled. (HITACH) has the advantages of mechanical matching, hydraulic system, flexible action, general value, durability, cost, fuel consumption, power, price 3-5 million cheaper than Komatsu.
Q:Where are the peices of machinery for the misson '' Assembly Required''
Excavator parts can be found in , Wildwood Glen and Jaguar Temple. The mixer parts are in skytown skatepark and the crystal catacombs.(on the 3rd plateau 350 coins!
Q:what do you do when..?
I work at a horse barn where many older retired horses come to live out their days in the pasture. Last year, we had two pass away. One was a 36 year old Morgan (yes, 36!) who died of natural causes. The other was a 29 year old Tennessee Walker mare who had fallen in the pasture and fractured her rear leg getting back up. First, you need to see if you are allowed to bury horses in your area. Some places you can, and others you can't. If you know any farm excavators or anyone with a backhoe, ask them to dig a hole large enough for the horse. It is customary to have the horse's head facing the east. I honestly can not remember why, some spiritual reason though. You can also call a livestock disposal service. They will pick up large carcasses, however, it can be expensive. I have a friend who paid over $600 to have a horse picked up. Lastly, I live in Indiana and there is a large exotic cat rescue center not too far from where I live, they save tigers, lions, leopards, and other big cats from black market sellers and back yard breeders. I know it sounds awful, but those cats gotta eat something. They will pick up dead horses who died of natural causes. They will also pick up live, old horses and put them down themselves (I would never send a horse that was still alive... never.) However, they will not pick up horses that have been euthanized. It is free since they are doing us a favor and we are doing them a favor. However, this is only and option if you have a similar rescue center near you. I would bury your horses if you are able and have the acreage, and if the horse was not diseased. If the horse was sick, I would definitely use a livestock disposal service. This way, disease is not spread and you can avoid breaking laws, if your area has laws against burying livestock. And I am just like you, I want my horses to live forever! Hope this helps.
Q:In construction how account for equipment rental?
If the equipment is used directly in the construction side of the project, e.g. excavators, then the equipment is a direct cost and I would include it under COGS. If the equipment is like an overhead projector you use when you make a sales pitch before you got the contract, that would be a selling expense. Dr Equipment rental expense xxx Cr Cash or accounts payable xxx
Q:Frozen cemetary grounds?
It is if you dig by hand but most use a back hoe that can break through the frost line
Q:What is a Pneumatic Lego used for?
Robotic arms, cranes, walking machines, machine-tools such as excavators, lifting bridges.
Q:Intel vs AMD, which do you prefer?
I have used both, I prefer Intell,but AMD is just as good and a bit cheaper, either way they are the most expensive part of your PC. AMD is leaning more to gaming with larger heatsinks etc. If I want to keep costs down I would use an AMD CPU, for maybe a build on a tight budget.
Q:Can anyone spare a mustard seed?
Yes, the smallest of all seeds. Wait, what? Oh I see. Thank you. This just in ... the mustard seed is not the smallest of all seeds. Another scientific error I guess.

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