Yellow or Blue PVC Layflat Water Delivery Pipe Discharge Hose Pump Irrigation

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Product Description:

The description of Yellow or Blue PVC Layflat Water Delivery Pipe  Discharge Hose Pump Irrigation 

It has a filter,has a good anti-blocking performance and has turbulence flow designing,so irrigation is uniform,drippers are integrated with tubes;and the distance betweet drippers can be adjusted flexibly.It has great scope of application

Advantage of Yellow or Blue PVC Layflat Water Delivery Pipe  Discharge Hose Pump Irrigation  

1.Low cost for the drip irrigation
2.Ideal for above ground or buried applications


The specification of Yellow or Blue PVC Layflat Water Delivery Pipe  Discharge Hose Pump Irrigation 

Item No.







Hole Dia.


Hole Qty




Working Pressure


Spraying Range



































Application of Agriculture drip irrigation tape 

Greenhouse: Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, watermelon etc

Land cultivation: Tobacco, Ginseng, Pepper, Watermelon etc

Features of Yellow or Blue PVC Layflat Water Delivery Pipe  Discharge Hose Pump Irrigation 

1.Spraying uniformly over areas with evenly irrigation,avoid wasting water.


2.Sprinkler Hose can be easy and quickly to establish the irrigation systems in lowest lost


3.Lays out flat and packing in roll,making for faster and easier installation and retrieve in the field


4.Normal pressure operating range of 0.1 to 0.6Kg/cm² can lower energy and save the cost of sprinkler system more than 20%


5.Applicable to many kinds of crop,such as seeding nursery,fruit vegetable,orchards,flower gardents and so on both on plains and sloping fields. 

6.Wide range of spray pattems and sprinkling as drizzle,flowers and leaves avoid to be damaged.Minimum soil splash onto crops.Crops do not be damaged or cause diseases by irrigation



1.Q:Are you manufactory or trade company?

A:We are the Manufactory specialized in drip irrigation more than 20 years; Our factory have passed IS09000.

 2.Q:How can I get the samples?

A:If you need some samples to test, we can make as per your request .You should pay for the transportation freight of samples and our samples cost, while the samples cost can be refundable after you place the order if the amount meets our requirement.

 3.Q:How much the transportation freight of samples?

A:The freight depends on the weight and packing size and your area.

 4.Q:How long can I expect to get the sample?

A:The samples will be ready for delivery within one week. The samples will be sent via express and arrive in 7-10 days.

 5.Q:Can we have our Logo or company name to be printed on your products or package?

A:Sure.Your Logo can be put on your products by Hot Stamping,Printing,Embossing,UV Coating,Silk-screen Printing or Sticker

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Q:I've had 10 flat tires on my mtn bike. I've used Slime inner tubes & a thin plastic thingy inbetween my?
The combination of the protective strip (that you have) and green slime worked for me. The green slime has various names but can be found in most any auto store. It'll seal the tire as the punctures are made. It does dry out in time so may need to be reapplied (through he air intake valve).
Q:How do you get a plastic tube on your shoelace? What's the name of the machine? Thank you
Shoelace heading machine, according to the operation mode is divided into semi-automatic shoelace heading machine and automatic shoelace leading machine two kinds. The semi-automatic shoelace heading machine uses the artificial feeding, manual control of length and manual control of the machine in Baotou. The utility model has the advantages of flexibility and convenient length adjustment, and is suitable for small batch production or proofing use. The output and quality are directly related to the operator. Automatic shoelace tipping machine, the difference between semi-automatic place lies in his high degree of automation, feeding, length control, quantity statistics and machine Baotou action are carried out automatically, workers only need to take out the finished packaging can be. Important for mass production.
Q:There is rubbish in the plastic pipe. How can it be cleaned?
With a hand spring type small dredge, about 100-200 yuan a. It can be used in drilling for non rigid blockages, especially for food scraps or hair jams. If you need to use the rigid block, high power pipeline dredging machine, it can be called the mortar block about five cm, if not by coming down under the water, may your pipe is in the wall, but from the architecture, no one will put water in the main wall so, the problem does not affect the removal of bearing.
Q:plastic tube in tanks?
some fish like to have hidding places ,pvc would be a inexpensive way of doing that
Q:Why does a cow magnet go slower through a copper tube than a plastic tube?
A magnet gets attracted to metal (copper) Which means in a tube it will be attracted from all the directions This attraction holds the magnet in its current position But the the gravity attracts it down, while the tube holds it And resultantly the magnet tries to obey both the attraction (it tries to stay still and move down) which makes it fall slower than its fall in plastic tube where the plastic tube offers no attraction
Q:Doubts about the connection of plastic pipe and steel pipe flange
Pipe diameter is GB, such as DN100, DN150 and so on, the path is the sameBut the pipe will vary with the material used and the thickness of the materialBut the flange is the samePlastic pipes are the same size as flanges used in steel pipesWhen you refer to the piping design manual and the hardware manual on the plumbing and flanges, you'll see
I doubt they use the bathroom in the tube, but if they do, yes clean it out. If they want to, and they probably will, they will build another bed there anytime they feel like it
Q:Where can I buy plastic coin tubes?
You might try the bank ,they have coin containers.
Q:C-PAP mask and tubing........smell like plastic......?
You could of course have an allergy to the product, hence the ill feeling when using it. You shouldn't feel that way. Check your manufacturer's manual -- most can be found online if you don't have it -- and see what products you can use to clean it. I use Dawn dishwashing detergent (prefer the green, not the kind with added fragrances or bleach). Soak it a few minutes, rinse, then soak in cold water with a bit of baking soda dissolved. Rinse again. That should get rid of the smell, but don't do it unless the manufacturer approves. Those parts are expensive, and you don't want to completely ruin one. On another note, is the ill feeling from the smell, or perhaps from the force of the air to be inhaled? Perhaps the settings need to be fine-tuned? Don't hesitate to contact the prescribing doctor if you still have questions.
Q:is it risky to buy a cheap intake tubes and put a k&n filter? wil it be better or is there a risk of messin up
Yes as cheap kits do not have all fiters, vavles, and cnnecters to sensors in universal apps. You may end up worse then before installed.

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