Xuansound Instrument Cable (Guitar Cable)

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$0.92 - 10.29 / pc
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1000 Pieces pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter pc/month

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Product Description:

- High performance instrument cable with Non-noise

- Conductor: OFC

- Conductive PVC/PE
- Spiraling/braided shield layer
- 6.35mm(1/4") plug connector
- Length: 1.8M/3M/5M/10M/15M/20M/25M/30M/50M

- PVC jacket or Polypropylene silk cover
- Jacket color: color by order


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The cables are covered. Laying methods include overhead, pipe, bridge, buried and so on.
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Type: power cable control cable compensation cable heating cable rubber cable special cable overhead cable communication cable bare wire cloth wire mine cable coaxial cable RF cable integrated wiring fiber optic cable marine cable elevator cable car cable branch cable variable frequency cable security cable Only know, and strive to! (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee
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Q:Power cable in the cable tray is a single layer of laying, or can be stacked together with multi-layer laying?
1.5 square wire is generally used for lamps and switches, the circuit is generally used in the ground, more color lines, in order to distinguish between color. 2.5 square copper wire is generally used for the socket line and part of the feeder, 4 square copper wire for the main circuit and air conditioning, electric water heaters and other special lines. Laying should be seen as the number of wires within the tube to wear the number of changes, the same tube, not more than four, to prohibit the wire will be filled all the space inside the tube. Air conditioning, lighting, socket should be divided control, generally at least four. Lighting go all the way, air conditioning to go all the way, the outlet to go three to four. The advantage of doing so is that once a line of short circuit or other problems, the scope of power outages, will not affect the other few normal work. Welcome to Choi Choi Z-HOME comfortable home pipe integrated system, is committed to improving the quality of living life.

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