XL Series Sand Washing Machinery for Sale

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Product Description:

Product Description:

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery is generally used to clear up and remove the dirt and contaminate mixed in sandstones. Novel sealing structure, adjustable overflow weir and reliable transmission system could fully ensure the complete washing and dehydrating. It is suitable for washing fine granularity and heavy granularity, and frequently used in industries in need of sand including highway and constructions. 

Description of XL Series Sand Washing Machinery  

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery is widely used for distributing ore in the close circuit with ball mill, grading ore and fine slit in the gravity mill, grading granularity in the flow of metal ore-dressing and desliming and dehydrating in the washing. Advantages are simple structure, reliable working condition and convenient operation. According to the principle that different grains are with different specific gravity and sedimentation rate in the liquid, the fine ore flows in the water and the coarse ore sinks in the bottom. The classifier that has machine grading by discharging from the top can filtrate the materials and send coarse materials to the feeding mouth and discharge the fine material from the pipe. The seat of the machine adopts channel steel and body adopts armor plate and the spiral axle adopts cast iron, so it’s durable. The lifting equipments have two types, by electricity and hand.


Working principle of XL Series Sand Washing Machinery  

The XL Series Sand Washing Machinery eliminate the impurities by the buoyancy of water ,as we all knew the specific gravity of various materials are different ,so when XL Series Sand Washing Machinery on operation , the spiral scatters will rotating , the strength of rotating spiral scatters will push the water going forward , at the same time , the light specific gravity which is mean the impurities will flowing with water , but the clear sand mater will fell down and going forward also by the strength of spiral scatters .this the way how XL Series Sand Washing Machinery doing .


Consist of XL Series Sand Washing Machinery 

The XL Series Sand Washing Machinery consist of cell body, speed reducer ,motor power ,central shaft, spiral scatters, support parts.Sentai Mining Factory is the real good producer of XL Series Sand Washing Machinery,which has years experience of how to producing the quality XL Series Sand Washing Machinery with stick steel plate . We can supply almost all the machine which connecting with beneficiation . 

Our main product :hammer crusher , rotary dryer ,ball mill ,magnetic separator ,flotation separator .

Sand Washer Technical Parameters 

ModelScrew Diameter
Tub Length
Selected Granularity
Processing Capacity
Screw Speed
Motor Power
Water Consumption
Overall Dimension

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery for Sale

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery for Sale

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery for Sale

XL Series Sand Washing Machinery for Sale

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Q:What is the sand washer?
After the process to improve the processing performance, commonly used in manganese ore, iron ore, limestone, silica sand, tungsten ore, tin ore and other mineral ore washing.
Q:Difference and characteristics of dry sand production line and wet type
The equipment of wet sand production line is different from dry type. The production line adopts the waterway system, and the sand washing equipment is usually used for cleaning and dedusting. Common sand washing equipment has spiral sand washing machine and bucket sand washing machine. After the sand machine, the finished sand is cleaned by sand washing equipment. The sand and gravel are transported into the sand bin of the sand washing equipment by the conveying equipment, and the sand grains flow into the sedimentation tank of the sand washing machine. The finished sand is processed in the drying machine to finish the finished sand and gravel, which provides high quality sand for the construction industry. In addition to construction sand, as well as in the railway construction, the pebbles needed are produced by the professional cobblestone sand production line. The comprehensive development of sand production line provides high quality aggregate for construction industry.
Q:What's the difference between spiral sand washing machine and spiral classifier?
Screw conveyor profile: screw conveyor series in all kinds of powder or granular materials conveying has a wide range of applications. The screw conveyor is made of carbon steel and is machined on the surface. The conveyor consists of the following components: equipped with at least one outlet of the U type or V type tank, baffle tank at both ends of the welding in the center of spiral blade on the tube, central tube connection sleeve at both ends of the two shaft end bearing assembly includes a sealing unit, the middle hanging bearing cross-sectional area by a screw conveyor of the total the length and bolt connection groove to determine the number of. In addition, in order to meet the demand, the screw conveyer is also provided with a reduction box and an electric motor. According to the different conveying materials, the screw conveyor is designed with three kinds of light load, heavy load, medium load, heavy load, heavy load and heavy load.
Q:I wash Sunaba sand washing process
Sand washing machine adopts advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, it has washed height, reasonable structure, high yield, less loss of sand sand washing process, especially the transmission parts with water, sand isolation, so the failure rate is much lower than the currently used sand washing machine, is the best choice for the domestic washing sand industry upgrading.
Q:What are the common faults in the sand washing machine?
Sand washing machine is mainly used for washing machine, sand products for the removal of impurities of the machine. Sand washing machine because of its appearance and principle is different, divided into spiral sand washing machine, drum washing machine, water wheel sand washing machine, vibration sand washing machine, etc.. The sand washing machine is mainly composed of a V-belt, a reducer, a gear, an impeller, a trough and a discharging trough.
Q:How do you deal with the high mud content in the sand?
Dewatering sieveThe main functions of dewatering sieve are dewatering, desliming and stripping. They are commonly used in wet sand production line and sand washing machine, and can also be used separately. Sand washing machine through the sand, in the sand, dehydration, screening, hydraulic classification, desliming, recovery of sand, to achieve a reasonable size ratio, the mud will be reduced to less than 0.7%.
Q:Buy sand washing machine
Sand washing machine belongs to the matching equipment of sand production line, and the manufacturers who sell large mining machinery usually produce sand washing machine.Sand machine prices can be consulted online experts, experts provide sand washing machine latest prices.
Q:The technological process of quartz sandstone
Large granular stone (overtails) by belt conveyor to vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) for crushing, fine crushing stone by belt conveyor again into the sieve screening, thus forming a closed loop several times.
Q:Can washed sand be used for building?
River sand is mainly floodplain deposits of sand, the color of pale - yellow, with fine sand, coarse sand, coarse sand, gravel layer, gravel layer. The attitude toward the surface in the riverbed, from the bank to the riverbed tilt tendency from the upstream to the downstream slope, apparent density, bulk density of 2580kg/m3 1569kg/3m 2.89 is a sand fineness modulus of mud sand: 1.34%, hard texture, bright color, is a good building materials.
Q:Troubleshooting of sanding machine
Failure phenomenon, reason, removal method, 1., excessive swing of the engine 1) wearing parts on the impeller are seriously worn2) the pellets are large3) the impeller runner has obstruction 1) replace the wearing parts2) reduce the feed size3) remove the obstruction of sand making machine 2. product size too large triangle belt is too loose tight belt 3. idle high resistance bearing sealing cap material open the sealing cover to clear 4. bearing fever 1) lack of oil or dust2) bearing damage 1) refueling or cleaning bearings2) replace the bearing 5. metal clinking lining plate or impeller wearing parts off fastening

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