Sand washing machine|Wheel Dou type sand washer|Sand washing machine

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Feedingsize: ≤10mm Power: 7.5-11kw Capacity: 30-600t/h

Product Description:

Product introduction:

XS series sand washer is my company USES advanced technology at home and abroad, in combination with the practical situation of domestic sand industry development and production with sand making machine use efficient bucket wheel sand washing equipment, this equipment combined washing, dehydration, grade three functions, the machine during the process, used to wash the sand in the mixed soil, dust, etc., to achieve the purpose of clean sand, can also be used in mineral processing operations such as sand or similar process, the yield can be up to 600 t/h.

Sand washing machine|Wheel Dou type sand washer|Sand washing machine

Application field:

XS series sand washer is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity station, glass manufacturing, and the development of the well used in industries such as washing, grading, and the work, such as removing impurity is suitable for washing of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, the building sand, sand road use, is appropriate.

Sand washing machine|Wheel Dou type sand washer|Sand washing machine

Structure principle:

Sand washing machine work, motor through the triangle, reducer, gear reducer drive slowly rotating impeller after sand by feeding trough into the basin, under the drive of the impeller, and mutual grinding, remove cover impurity on the surface of the sand and gravel, and destruction of the coated sand moisture layer, favors the dehydration; Add water at the same time, form a strong current, to take away impurities and the proportion of small foreign body in time, and from the spillway trough eduction, complete the cleaning effect. Clean sand by the leaves away, and finally into the sand from rotating impeller discharge chute, complete sand cleaning effect.

Sand washing machine|Wheel Dou type sand washer|Sand washing machine


1、XS series sand washing machine has reasonable structure, large capacity, high clean, low consumption, reducing the cost of sand characteristics, especially the moving parts, impeller drive bearing device with water and water material isolation, accurately separated sand and water, greatly avoid the bearing damage caused by flooding, sand and pollutant phenomenon occurs, compared with the traditional mechanical, greatly reduce the failure rate, is the first choice of system of domestic sand industry upgrading.

2、Reasonable structure and novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil valley type gear, adjustable overflow weir plate, ensure the series product is efficient and endurable, their cleaning, their dehydration effect is good, fine products remain stable.

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Q:Sand washing machine recycling Longzhong has what advantage?
There is a distinct difference between the device and the traditional equipment. For example, the service life is relatively long, and the latter basically does not require maintenance. The equipment has high efficiency and high quality and meets the corresponding national standards
Q:What are the advantages of spiral sand washing machine, which is different from impeller washing machine?
Each kind of sand washing machine has its own advantages. In choosing sand washing machine, it is necessary to choose the appropriate sand washing machine equipment according to the actual situation.
Q:GX series spiral sand washing machine is better than the general spiral sand washing machine? What's the difference?
GX series spiral sand washing machine adopts foreign advanced technology level, and is the best choice for domestic sand washing industry upgrading.
Q:Production and application of granular material for sand washing machine
In order to ensure the fastening bolt, in the operation of a class, will all re tighten a bolt and nut, then according to the prescribed procedures for acceptance, delivery bucket machine adjustment tail lifter, to ensure the whole journey of not less than 50%. of the motor output shaft and the output shaft of the speed reducer and the head of the conveyor shaft should be parallel in response, the size of the sprocket, and the axial offset of the two sprocket to within 2mm bucket elevator is two horizontal screen box did not identify, find problems from the supporting feet of the supporting seat or the spring spring spring to change itself, or change the bearing size, there may be the screen net damage caused, as long as the replacement of the screen. No lack of operation. The chain board adopts 45Mn2 quenching and tempering treatment on the material. When the hardness is HRC62, the service life is the longest.
Q:How do you deal with the high mud content in the sand?
Now the quality of sand, especially the quality of natural sand, with the increase in the amount of mining has been worse than before, and its main performance is that the amount of mud is large, that is, sand washing machine wash out the sand, mud content is not small.The amount of mud in concrete is strictly standard, and the mud has a great influence on the performance of concrete. On the one hand, mud affects the bond between the paste and the aggregate, i.e., the strength decreases. On the one hand, the water demand of concrete is increased, and the strength of concrete is also reduced. On the other hand, to reduce the fluidity of concrete, it is also easy to cause concrete cracks.
Q:How does sand washing machine clean sand and gravel?
With asphalt or kerosene pretreatment, which uses a small amount of liquid asphalt or kerosene mixed together on the sand, the sand is coated with a layer of thin film, in order to ensure the reliable and asphalt sand material.
Q:Sand washing machine drying nets are very important components, how to effectively prevent damage to the sun net?
1 regular maintenance2 operate in strict accordance with the instructions of the machine3, select equipment manufacturers
Q:What's the effect of sand washing machine on the quality of sand and gravel?
You can wash away the impurities and ashes, and make the sand more clean
Q:Long heavy sand washing machine to teach you how to install and operate?
The installation should pay attention to washing machine main body horizontal and vertical.
Q:The process of spiral sand washing machine / washing machine work how?
Material from the upper part of the machine into the vertical high-speed rotating impeller in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella shaped flow around the impeller material to produce high speed impact with the ground, the material impact on each other, and in between the impeller and the casing to form a vortex material repeatedly hit each other, friction and grinding direct discharge from the bottom, and the formation of many closed loop control by the screening equipment to achieve the required fineness.

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