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XY-2hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallowand medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used inengineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting holedrilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)

Φ73 rod


Φ60 rod


Φ50 rod


Φ42 rod


Spindle speed(r/min)





Max torque (Nm)


Angle reange


Spindle max pull force(KN)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Hoist max life capacity with single  rope (KN)


Spindle inner dia (mm)


Oil pump


Power unit

Electric motor


Diesel engine


Inner dia of spindle (mm)


Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)


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Q:How often does the rotary drilling rig do maintenance?
In drilling rig construction, it is necessary to do the routine maintenance work for the drilling rig at any time:1, each work before the drill rod feeder (wire rope connector), add butter;Note: make sure that the grease nozzle at the other end is unscrewed when greasing the end of the boot. This will help to squeeze the butter out. On the contrary, the oil seal in the lifting device may be squeezed out, and the dirty water containing fine sand can be easily entered, and the bearings can be worn down and the sensitivity of the lifting device can be lowered.Note: the new lifting device has been improved. Please contact the SANY customer service department for maintenance.2, each job before the drill rod to follow the guide frame (drill pipe support), bearing, add butter;3 、 always check whether the wire rope is in good condition;4 、 check the damage of tubing and sealing ring regularly, prepare spare parts to meet the urgent need;5, always pay attention to whether the circuit relay aging, early preparation of spare parts;6, check the drill rod lift (wire rope connector) bearing rotation is flexible, if damaged, should be replaced immediately;7. Check the bolts and pins regularly for wear and tear. If damaged, replace them immediately.
Q:The structure and principle of hydraulic rotary drilling rig are discussed!
Four wheel belt: drive wheel, guide wheel, support wheel, idler wheel.
Q:How a rotary drilling rig
The first real iron man and then after a rope hauled the rig pulled the car
Q:Does the rotary drilling rig require a national issued operating permit?
Of course, you need to go to the safety supervision department for processing, the cost is about one thousand yuan, the training fee is extra. My relatives have done a rotary drilling rig operation card, and now earn seven thousand or eight thousand pieces a month.
Q:What bucket teeth are used in rotary drilling machines?
Rotary drilling machine selection bucket teeth must select special rotary drilling machine bucket teeth, after all, in the ground tens of meters, can not be like excavators, to spin wear-resistant
Q:How heavy is the 250 auger rig?
250 rotary excavation, weighing about 70-80 tons
Q:What happened to the black smoke from the exhaust pipe of the rotary drilling rig?
Check air intake is not enough, mainly empty, filter blockage, air flow meter, no damage, etc.
Q:Types of rotary drilling rig
The principle of choosing a rotary drilling rig should be to meet the major engineering requirements of the user and take into account the possible engineering requirements. Rotary drilling rig can be divided into three types according to its main working parameters: torque, engine power, drilling diameter, drilling depth and the quality of drilling rig:Torque 100kN = M. The power of the motor is 170kW, the drilling hole diameter is 0.5 to 1m, the drilling depth is about 40m, and the quality of the drilling machine is about 40T. Application market positioning of minicomputer:
Q:Does the rotary drilling rig cycle with mud?
Montreal chemical is a new type of rotary drilling fluid mud wall construction, is the foundation of companies and research institutes to develop and promote the products. The product is instant and can be sprayed into the hole along the jet stream.
Q:What's the difference between the main oil pump imported from the rotary drilling rig and the home made main pump?
. Under normal circumstances the main hoist is responsible for the drill pipe and the drill bit weight can be, but when the drill will be mud suction and pore wall friction in the air, so the main hoist lifting force of the drill bit and is generally greater than the gravity, sometimes if there are some things above the pressure in the collapse of the drill rod can better reflect the main hoist lift characteristics.

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