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XY-2hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallowand medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used inengineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting holedrilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)

Φ73 rod


Φ60 rod


Φ50 rod


Φ42 rod


Spindle speed(r/min)





Max torque (Nm)


Angle reange


Spindle max pull force(KN)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Hoist max life capacity with single  rope (KN)


Spindle inner dia (mm)


Oil pump


Power unit

Electric motor


Diesel engine


Inner dia of spindle (mm)


Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)


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Q:What brand is the best for rotary drilling machine?
Although the drilling rig imported from abroad is better than domestic brands.
Q:Price of small rotary drilling rig
This is mainly due to customer driven rotary drilling rig drilling depth and pile diameter limit, the depth and diameter of the smaller the lower the price, on the contrary, the higher the price.
Q:In the middle of the 220 rotary drilling rig, sometimes the drill pipe slipped down 5~6 meters at work, as if the rope was broken. What's the matter?
If the wire rope drops suddenly, it is the power head faultThe drill pipe suddenly slipped, like the first floor, and the inside of the drill pipe was badly worn
Q:Hole drilling price of rotary drilling machine
Strong weathered formations are often encountered in the Sichuan area, and drilling is not difficult for the Xugong rotary drilling rig! Please consider these questions more!
Q:Construction steps of rotary drilling rig
The rotary drilling machine is in place and burying the protecting cylinder! When the bit is filled with soil sand material, the outer hole and the rotary drilling rig will be lifted
Q:What are the reasons for partial drilling of rotary drilling machine?
Drilling bucket: the main function of drilling bucket is cutting and drilling, but it also has the function of guiding and preventing deviation. The pilot base drilling bucket with positioning function, at the same time the pilot pointed tip can be changed into order, and the number of teeth of the drill view is not common, the drill body on both sides of the knife or door bar height is not common, these details can make drilling bucket drilling about uniform stress and prevent error.
Q:What are the hidden dangers during the construction stage of rotary drilling rig?
Hole air quality, hole wall quality, water gushing, quicksand and other geological conditions, orifice protection, safety protection inside and outside the personnel hole, mechanical equipment operation conditions, probably on these, one, a good grasp on the fine.
Q:How a rotary drilling rig
Put a piece of iron on the floor after the bucket and the ground, and then use the rope and the rotary drilling rig and pulled the car
Q:The relationship between rotary drilling and impact drilling and reverse circulation drilling
Positive and negative cycle is another process, which is used to break the soil into small particles or mud, and the positive circulation is to use the pipeline to drill into the drilling site, and the orifice is discharged. Reverse circulation is drilling site pumping, orifice grouting. It can be used either as a roundabout or as an impact. Impact is the use of heavy hammer or DTH hammer broken soil, mostly mostly using positive cycle process.
Q:Rotary drilling rig GPS unlock?
Yes, there are pumps, trucks, mixing stations, auger rigs, crawler cranes, GPS unlocks

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